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I like to draw.
attempted translation
Just guessing. Could be this or they could each have their own style of talking.
1) Pilf pilfrevor reppifl. -> Pilfer:Could be referring to the thieves in the group or someone is stealing something. In which case, stop it! Put that back it doesn't belong to you!

2)Start and Circele! Is that a cleaning method?

3) No, I didn't! Ahaha! The broom didn't trip her. I suspect a crush or just liking to antagonize Snow.
lol aliens
Yes, Snow, it was aliens. They did it just for you. To see you freak out.
love the cameos.
lol Cloud and Red XIII
Just them, Abel walks in and wonders what they're doing to his pet eevee.
August 9th, 2014
Book stock from:
August 9th, 2014
Book stock from:
August 9th, 2014
Book stock image:

August 9th, 2014
They finally made it.
August 9th, 2014
Colored picture of Aaya.
Really cool manga
Just started following. Really cool manga so far, it's cool the characters are your IRL friends and not just the standard Gary vs. Red.
Also your art and panel layouts and coloring are very well done.
@JokaNeko: I see what you did there. And I concur with it.
Why can't I win at wifi
It made me remember this song where they lamented the same problem.
I so want to make a book that is that good.

Also, video games and anime do this to me. It's like, why are they leaving me, nuuuu T T. Just a longing for the story and characters to go on because you enjoyed them so much. Yes.
Expensive weight loss
That weight loss plan is so expensive it cost you both an arm and a leg.
Fossil Feces
Fossil Feces. If it was revived would it be be Slimy Little Pile from Earthbound?
what sound does a fox make?
Felt a bit better today.

Cal is summoning up courage to just face his homework.
The dread of facing your essay assignments.
I just realized I posted the wrong file! O_O

sorry! ><

Here's the correct one.
A little thank you dance for reading chapter 1.