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Anime, Comics, Manga. There is not much to say about me, I like art and I love a good story so here I am. Always looking for more YURI!
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@artificer urza: Too soon way too soon urza :D
I love V's whole just 'Is that the best scary route you got, pathetic' look going on :D
U just got burned, severed & EATEN!! ;D
It seems the deader we are the more morbid our humor ;D
Thank God I have never 'heard' my sister I think I would have never has sex - EVER!! But I did live in a dorm (all-girls) the weekend girls would snick guys in & well u can guess....Hallway walks in the morning were fun!
What a great time they are having ;)
@Lesbian Comics: No kidding cause 'Gaydar' is NOT a superpower
Did she hear anything she said...If V can't speak even in though then how the hell can u have a conversation?
Guarded? By....
Nopr not one killing urge to be talked about ><
Become a whore for your daddy Eva
wth dad?!
See I feel for ya though I can't stand Egg Nog ><
or (better looking one)
Someone needs to slap her beyond silly & soon
@adoredolt: :x typo "Besides, thet don't..."
Yep Styrofoam Roaches & Mosquitoes the 3 that will rule when people are gone ... bastards
wow I don't even want to... xD
Hmmmmmm wonder what Eva is thinking is about? ><
A little late but Happy Birthday
Talk to me after 12 pills daily (yes that's how many I take each day) + Antibiotics. xD