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Anime, Comics, Manga. There is not much to say about me, I like art and I love a good story so here I am. Always looking for more YURI!
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@artificer urza: Too soon way too soon urza :D
I love V's whole just 'Is that the best scary route you got, pathetic' look going on :D
U just got burned, severed & EATEN!! ;D
It seems the deader we are the more morbid our humor ;D
What a great time they are having ;)
@Lesbian Comics: No kidding cause 'Gaydar' is NOT a superpower
Did she hear anything she said...If V can't speak even in though then how the hell can u have a conversation?
Guarded? By....
Nopr not one killing urge to be talked about ><
See I feel for ya though I can't stand Egg Nog ><
or (better looking one)
Someone needs to slap her beyond silly & soon
@adoredolt: :x typo "Besides, thet don't..."
Yep Styrofoam Roaches & Mosquitoes the 3 that will rule when people are gone ... bastards
wow I don't even want to... xD
A little late but Happy Birthday
Talk to me after 12 pills daily (yes that's how many I take each day) + Antibiotics. xD
Yeah the flu is running around tagging everyone it can. You could of just had Hubby post you were sick but you went out of your way for us (the readers): THANK YOU!
Its always the cute ones
For those who have had/have a good relationship with their moms...really be honest how many of us wouldn't want mom to read us a bedtime story (though more with our age reading material)?