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I listen to rock music, i love drawing (duh), i love reading, and i hope to be an author when I grow up. i just thought this would be fun. Since i already have an idea for a book, i decided to make a comic out of it to start with. enjoy!
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    Kelsey Harris
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This art is really awesome! Can't wait for more!
Haha! randomness warms my heart!

......... CACTUS!!!
This made me smile! lol!
Nothin much to say...
I like this one. Yay. Nothin much is left to say. (Snaps for rhyming!)
Miss her!
My best friend and co-author to this comic moved to Korea, and I miss her, so I drew her this! Yay!
More Gaia
I found, after I got my tablet, that looking in the Art Freebies forum in GaiaOnline was a great way to find people to draw. So I drew, and drew, and drew. And drew some more. The only time I wasn't on the computer was when I was sleeping, or eating. (Even when I was eating sometimes, I'd be on the computer) So, yes, I love my tablet, thanks for asking.
I didn't already say this, but I got my drawing tablet!!!! It's so exciting!!! It's even better than I hoped it would be! I asked for a Bamboo Medium Wacom, and ended getting an Intuos4 MEDIUM (bigger than bamboo m.) Wacom!!! It's the incredibly professional, expensive one!!! (Look it up!)
Huzzah for randomness!
This is basically unrelated to anything ever. Except for my willing-ness to draw anyone who wanted to be drawn. (On GaiaOnline, that is) Anyway, comment, rate it, hate it, whatever. Just put in some sort of input after seeing it. (I've come a long way sinse the stupid elf-girl, huh?)
That last panel is ADORABLE! I love it so much! The crocodile tears are so darn cute!
now that is uber cool!
First, I would just like to say:
Anyway... I love the wording in panels 5 and 6. I mean, "A single gaze can do more damage than any sun." Just beautiful. Keep up the awesome work! I love the artwork, and I will definitely favorite you.
i LOVE this comic!!!! it's so emo, and amazing, and i just can't stay away from it. i just spent two hours reading it!!! it's so great! keep up the awesome work!!!
i LOVE your SWEENEY TODD reference!!! it's hilarious!!!
I love that look marcus gives and in the bottom panel! it's so sweet! man, i love boy-love!
This is totally awesome!! I love your style of drawing!!!
I love the last panel!! "Heh." Very nice.
Panel 2
I LOVE how the "ring" comic is! It's really cool!