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Tasty club night colours. Very evocative.
These last few pages have been amazing, panelling, acting, dialogue! Can't wait to see the fall out from this barny.
@Loom. Thanks a lot.
@Theorah: Thanks a bundle for this :) I'm glad you enjoyed the comic.
The screwface off commences tomorrow.
Coming soon... the conclusion. Petunia experiences rough times in a young offenders institute in a short story called Prisoner Cell Block Ache.
Antsy Penguin
June 28th, 2012
Great panel layouts with these 'reality altering' pages.
The 'acting' on this page is excellent, especially in the third panel.
I now have an online shop where you can purchase a few Petunia bits and bobs, including comics and badges. You can find the shop at http://http://sathollgord

UPDATE: The link to the shop is now fixed.
Next week will be the start of the second story that appeared in the original Petunia Rascal mini-comic, a little tale of rip-off crisps and midnight raids entitled Snack Attack.
Next Friday is another old Petunia comic from around March last year.
This is the first of two gag strips I did at the beginning of this (soon to be over) year.

This is not the last we'll see of The All Seeing Eyer as he'll be returning in the second Petunia Rascal mini comic I've got in the works.
Petunia, Rodney and Bill will be back for another adventure this Friday.

All that remains me to say to you (yes, you) is to have a brill Christmas and exceedingly great new year.
Seasonal Greetings one and all.

The above is the title page for Petunia Rascal's new adventure; an advent calender comic. Starting tomorrow there will be a new panel here everyday right up until Christmas Eve.
Another short strip next Friday. It hasn't got a title yet. But to give you an inkling it features insects and towels.
And we're back. Sorry about the big delay.

Stick around next week for the Hans Christian Andersen inspired Tenderbox.
Curiouser and curiouser. What a delightfully eerie building.
To find out what happens when you're dragged into a canal by a cadaverous old man come back next Friday for the conclusion of Upstream/Downstream.