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All in all, due to my overactive imagination, the idea and explanation is worse than the visuals. Des capable of being angry?
When did Ray drink Cintreuse de Genre?
There's also the possibility it's Elvin.
I adored Sonic 06. The only problem was Town Missions/Obscene Loading times.
Glad to see so many updates, this comic was a tad confusing because of the layout/text though.

By the way... are Tikal or Rebecca ever gonna show up again?
August 31st, 2009
CD's personality always makes me laugh.

By the way, nice job on the new set of banners.
Student discounts are awesome, and the only reason I have CS3. By the way, being a reader of CelestialWolf's comics, I got confused before I realized it was a cameo. But I can understand the break between comics, such things happen.

...I need motivation.
I'm so glad to see this comic isn't dead. I really enjoy it.

I obviously know little of the whole thing with you and Shard, and why it's such a horrible deal that someone let her post, but I don't think asking them to come out will help if they haven't yet.
I liked the video a lot. ^_^

I think the background where Mephiles appears works really well. I was wondering, is it a SatAm Robotropolis background?
August 7th, 2009
Obeying the laws of the universe is for people that aren't Damaru.

..wait, did Damaru just do something funny?
The two I really want to see made:

After Ark - I really want to see how your characters interact with the Sonicverse ones.

No More Fourth Wall - This would be too good not to make. I can see plenty of opportunities for hilarity.

Also, does that mean Flames of Fate is abandoned as a written story...? I really like it...
Yeah, this would indeed be awesome.

I really wish the movie deal would get settled. Even if it gets canceled, I just want to know what the whole deal is.

P.S. Artemis Fowl is a great series, it's really a disappointment to see it end.
Wait... didn't Damaru kill this recolor in a previous comic?
Go Rurik! 8D
I think it's great. It really adds feeling and emotion.

@Valor: The fact that dogs are colorblind is INCORRECT. They can see color but it is muted, in other words duller and less brilliant.
Yay! You took my suggestion!
I've had that happen except it said the Pokemon EVADED the attack >.>
Sprite Difference
I really like that there is small but not drastic differences in the sprites, although a different text style might be nice too.