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Because all I do is promise Lufarea I'll work on it and I never follow through. So I'm not going to promise anymore.
I'm done. I give up. I am discontinuing any work on Pika Typical and Two Pods in a Pea. Not that I have done any work for them in the past year anyway. I'm nothing but a worthless sack of shit full of false hope and empty promises. I'm done.

... It's a page... Note exactly, just a picture. I haven't updated in like... A year..

I'm so horrible D:

It just lets you know I'm still alive

last page of prologue
holy frick.. an update?
sorry i guess i have been on a bit of a hiatus lately.. i haven't felt much like drawing, and every time i would draw something, i would absolutely hate it.. but lufarea wanted me to update, so i am updating.. it looks like poo >____<
i really hope the one in his helmet didn't go all the way through his head..
uwaaaaah no way, you have my art posted in your gallery!~
i feel so special ; 3;
lawlz its nekkid
Furries! XD

this is the last of my already made pages, once finals are over next week, i will start drawing more, i promise.
yay an update! because i forgot to update a few days ago *shot*
elves are my favorite!~
they are so pretty and magical :3

Lufarea, no licking Phi and her friend..
those are really retarded looking tools.. sorry..
what is this? artistic talent? no way XD

anyway i think im pretty sure lufarea had said that Darin, for lack of better words are Demons, or branded with the name demon.

anyway, more updates soon.
two pods in a pea!
we have officially launched the webcomic two pods in a pea! it has a slow start, the first few pages have absolutely no artistic talent, just the art of cut and paste. but it is going to have a really good story. you should go view it and favorite it :3

this is trinity, one of the characters in the new comic. if you favorite it you will eventually be able to understand the joke we have about the leek.

seriously, go read it :3
this is the last cut and paste page, i promise :3
i don't even have a banner or anything, but luffy threatened to beat me, so I'm submitting it now

absolutely no artistic talent whatsoever in the first couple pages
you should to ta lee make that japanese soap opera into a webcomic :P
lol andy likes pokemon :D
omgf you did not just draw the chief naked o 3o
groooosss hairy
re submitting
i wanted to re submit this page all together.
thank you Hiruda for showing me the tutorial on how to make buildings look manga-ish, i think it helped a lot :]

anyway, i hope this looks better than the first version

and yeah.. Laelia is smarter then she looks lol

thank you very much lufarea.
where do you get your city screen tone image things? i cant find any anywhere D:
i need good screen tones >.<

your pages always look so cool : D
and so the team is set : D

there are still more characters to introduce :3

thats the best i can do for buildings and badges ^^;;

omg there is actually a pikachu in the comic pika typical? no freaking way : D