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@Derry: lol what the fuck are you talking about
@lern2surture: You're clearly not cool and/or hype enough to know.
My god, its full of BAMFs
@Ultimate the Hedgehog: Check the profile, it's labelled as "Completed", as no authors plan to update it anytime soon.
@Advertisement Your trolling is bad and you should feel bad.
This was an awesome game, but then we waited over a decade for BAMF Dog: Forever and it was ass, totally not worth the decade. Hope the reboot, "BAMF Dog: Begins" will be better.
Chris hates BAMF Dog?
What is this I don't even
Enough to comment, apparently.

And also Shameless Advertisement is always good.!/RazorSlash92
I'm going to go vomit my lungs out
'scuse me
"(Comic updates every Saturday)"
Chris is amazing.
So amazing.
I have this strange feeling that somewhere, somehow, a dog is watching me
Yeah, but this is a comic about humanoid animals having adventures about kitten ships and paradox cliffs

Are you really looking for logic?
Epic poses, chopping, epic poses, tenderizing, epic poses, cake decorating, and epic poses.
And I'm the American Jesu- No wait, thats Jesus.