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Things I have read on Encyclopedia Dramatica about Smackjeeves upset me. Therefore, I am now only on Smackjeeves to update some of my comics.

I am on Comic Fury, and am now far more active there!
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People who like giving critique! Hit me up on Comic Fury and help me improve my comic. Do it there so I know you've read the latest. Guests can comment.
SORRY, readers on the Smackjeeves and Drunkduck mirror!
Due to upload difficulties, these mirrors will stop updating until the 5th.
Please remember to check the Main comic fury site,
Heaps more updates there.

Also, for those on the Drunkduck mirror, i'm going to stop copy-pasting the original authors notes. Its time consuming, and most authors notes are outdated. Just so you know.

See you on the 5th, Smackjeeves and Drunkduck mirrors!
Or you can like her even more for being mean to Laura. >:D
I was wondering if you had a rating for Curtain Call, like G or PG or something, which you try to stick to. Or do you just put anything in?
Things I have read on Encyclopedia Dramatica about Smackjeeves upset me. Therefore, I am now only on Smackjeeves to update some of my comics. This comic is one of them!

I am on Comic Fury, and am now far more active there!

In fact, I have a brand new comic there! Its called Baby Aliens. It is different from this comic in every way imaginable! Why not take a look?
[/shameless plug]
Baaaaad image quality!
I saved this wrong. I'm sorry.
Took down the Xmas filler page. I hate things like Xmas pages clogging up comic archives unnecessarily. But if you want to see it anyway, I put it on my photobucket for all to enjoy:
Sorry for the late update, but here are all the updates at once to make up for it!
(New comics start at Night Falls 7)

Readers of Soundless Medium: Its going on hiatus! Sorry. I've just got massive writers block.
Was going to have speech, no room, I prefer comics with no speech anyway. Make your own story.
I like that first panel. I mean, I really do. I like it so much. The standard for camera angles in my comic has been raised!
Must kick my bad habit of writing "Mary Sue" as one word.
Used to do sprite comics a while ago. I didn't put them on the internet back then. I'm putting this one on the internet because.

Also also, reading this reminded me of canon sues and possession sues, and how I was once in a roleplay in which a moderator was urging everyone to be more realistic with their characters. That person had a "rape equals true wuv" plotline going on, with their out of character possession sue. Calling them out on that, they said "people react differently to rape and so rape = love is perfectly realistic". I found that very offensive. Am I the only one?
...Oh yeah, I don't roleplay anymore.
Its sad I missed this comic in its prime. It is a truly hilarious take on videogame characters, as everyone knows those that edgy and vulgar are the absolute height of hilarity.

However, I think this comic could benefit to have more blood and some dead baby jokes. That is the only criticism I will give it.
Comic is back!
Triple update today, since the pages are very boring. Read this comic and the two after it for the full update!

Going back to a Fri-Sat-Sun update schedule. Following some criticism I have received, the pages now have more panels on them.

I can't promise something new happening every update, as that would ruin the pace of the story for the archive readers. Indeed, there are a lot of establishing shots at the start of the chapter. But I can promise more every update, and I hope you all enjoy it!
I am interesting enough to warrant this and can craft my day to day experiences into an interesting read.

Or I can't, and I hate comics like this, and this is making fun of them. One or the other.
This comic will be taking a brief break now. Be back soon!
Unrelated thing
Does anyone know any good tutorials for fan comics online? Like, how to write stories for them and that? I want to do a fan comic, but am having difficulty finding dedicated guides for them.
I'm all kinds of psuedo smarts!
You call the guest a troll (which I don't like, as those who disagree with you aren't always trolls, but that's a debate for another time) and then you feed them this massive text wall. Why are you feeding those who you see as trolls?
Done in blinding colours on purpose, mostly me fucking around with speech bubbles, oh god my handwriting is a mess.
Doesn't matter if its the first comic here, this comic will really be updated whenever, and so I feel I have time to work on such details. Not that I don't work hard anyway!

Thankyou for your feedback! I'll remember it in future.