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well i love anime i guess ive always wonted to draw and ive always been interested in art i love ice-cream <3 its my fav!!! food ever!...*whispers* ever.. iam a very random person! and by wat happend to me i dont judge people :') nope cuz iam special that! iam young! wot!brown with a red tint curly hair taned skin and brown eyes^^ i wont to grow up to be a teacher art or english! this is soppused to be short lol *blushes* umm well i guess ill stop oh and hugs make the world go around!
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must resist the urge to devore O_O
dawe D:
hmm ill try that... thank you :D
hey you guys :D sorry for not talking for a while i got a new computer <3 i had to get all my stuff on it but now im ready and back into the groove! i hope to be posting some stuff real soon :D
haha well?
what do you think? my first tablet drawing comic aha i saved it and it got all foggy for some reason? anyone know how i can fix it? well thistle she is flying!
haha omg O_O so many ideas XD
haha i would love to try it my friend has sai and she says its awesome lol haha me to xD we should just make one or two pages credited to the servants XD
i feel stupid
soo I have these 2 software that i have for my tablet and this whole time ive been using the sketchbook one...i feel very stupid that is why its taking me so long to update im tryin to learn how to use the actual paint one with all the pretty layers and blending tools lol..sorry you guys D:
haha thank you XD and i use bamboo splash sketchbook or something like that im at a friends house at the moment and i dont remember the name
lol i dont beleive that one XD and thank you my butt and fingers are killing me xD
well i did this on my bamboo tablet what do you guys think? it took me all day i woke up at like 7 or 8ish and this is the finishing product lol be harsh xD
hehe i did get the bamboo tablet and i didnt see a disc that had photoshop on it? haha i know im like practicing every day lol
Well thank you it was really hard :(
bleh! soo what do you think? i didnt shade at all just colored shadeing is hard TT^TT
well i drew this on paper
haha the tablet takes a while to draw a comic lol soo i made this at school till i get better at it
haha ill try ive been practicing but i dont want to stop the comic lol its hard to practice and draw on paper XD
soo i got like a drawing tablet for christmas and i want to use it but im not very good at drawing with it at the moment do you think i should just draw the other comic on paper orr?
i love it :D ill get started right away :D
haha i love it XD i know how you feel i have some many pictures to put up on here but i had a "the worlds ending" party and it was fun but im sooo sore haha ill post some stuff when i get home?