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Cresent Night
I'm very picky with names... this is about the second time I changed my user....
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    crazyfrog1234 & Leahcim
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itd be nice if we continued this some time in the future. Just for fun
So many lights make happy
Tis Crazyfrog1234
Wow, this comic brings back so many memories. It was a lot of fun working with everyone here.
I know pyro I just like to be fancy.

Simple can work too!
A repeat in case the readers did not see it: if you want a cameo pm Daniel or myself with your character and a short bio. That's about it.
Jeez, I never realized how difficult it was to make a comic in MS paint. Half the stuff I wanted to do for this page is not even possible without GIMP or ._.

For this page: Fireo was revived because Dani shot him with the "Dying Will bullet." If you're shot with this bullet, the last thing you regret before you die will enable you to come back to life and strive to complete the thing you regretted without any thought of hesitation or fear.

But, Fireo's weak. Didn't matter here =D

KOA gave Dani one bullet to shoot herself for the giggles. But she used it on Fireo instead.
Haha, sadistic ally =D
I can't believe you actually did this.

Shameless advert!
It addition to how can a Diglett battle in water, a Wizard did it.
A headshot does not always equal a happy ending
I forgot how much fun it was to make these comics.

Comic: I just see Akuma as the type to sleep anywhere. Even on the cold hard ground of a dungeon
Not even cement and tons and dirt can contain Fireo.
Prison background from BreakerLOLZ.

Daniel now has a new friend, besides that giant rat in the holding cell =D
It's been a while since I've done this. My skills have gone down the drain so I'm now back as a newbie to one and all. What joy it'll be to relearn all this stuff again! (Not really x.x)
My god Bobcheese, need shoes to go with that!
A hot room that steadily increases in temperature, this is a job for Fireo to make the place hotter with his fire abilities.

Cooked animals.
Unless another slap angers KOA to further hurt Dani?
A nice scenery, with battleships floating over a floating peaceful island.
(comic cut in two because of file size)

I haven't been here a while, but maybe this comic can make it up? This is still my favorite author comic. Even if it's a bit... slow.

I decided to skip ahead and just put the Invaders off on their first mission, since it would look odd on their part that they've been standing immobile for a whole year in the Invaders terrain.

Their mission here was to receive a blood sample. But Broly's not helping the cause.