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one question, how?!
cause, from what i've seen you've been stealing everyone elses sprites.
i'm baaaaack ^^
haven't been posting for a while *cough* few months
*cough* so i've finaly decided to post something here.
first human custom
100% custom, although i had some help with the pants.
C+C pls
you're getting a lot better with your customs, but it kinda looks like mini pixel-art
@ ultimate
herez a betterly shaded one
the shading contrast on all of them is horrible, trying using shades that are closer together, but not to close. If i had to choose i'd pick 2
so. bandages, no bandages... or the old one.

edit: it's nothing special jus' a revamp of rick.
i'm maybe telling the obvious but the drawing on the left is ttly colored and the one on the right is ttly not colored (Just so you know).
@ crimson
can i has cameo?
@ zone
dun judge me!! and my bi-polar spriting!!
and hopefully that's the only one you'll see... hopefully *cocks shotgun*
okay #1 has blue stuff on him, has light blue pants, a gold chain, and a weird color green shirt.

bachelor #2 is taller, has more spikes, has red, has darker tone, skin with more contrast, black pants, grey shoes, grey chain, blue-grey eyes, emo makeup,and a blue-grey shirt.

bachelor #3 is like #2 only with black highlights, darker eyes, and is working on better lighting. (i forgot to fix that).
maybe i'm not aloud to say...

okay i'll tell it's *boom*
the image is not available!!

please leave your name and number and it will return your call. BLEEP*

edit: nvrmind
How did you know?!? jk it's not batman.