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October 17th, 2011
Alright, so I came across your comic because a picture on dA. I really like the picture so I followed the link to your comic here. I have to admit I'm really curious as to where the story's going. It's really good and I like your art style as well. I'm officially a fan.
Hahaha, Val, you are so awsome. Well I'm not in any forms but I think it would be fun. Also I really adore the expression on this page! :D
August 20th, 2010
Hahaha, I love this page! Charm strike again! xD
xD Also the explanation is so easy! "First I'm a Wolf." xD :3
Best of luck with getting it published! I hope you're able to because I would really like a copy of it!
August 17th, 2010
Heehee! I just recently found your comic and it's so amazing! I like the story as well as the characters and color! This is so cool! I can't wait to see what will happen next! :D
:D This story is amazing! :D
I really adore the art and the story line!
Yay, first comment! That's the first time it's ever happened! xD
Wow! Three years? Well hey I have to give you credit, 'cause I don't think I could have done it! Congratulations and your art is amazing and so is this story! I <3 it!
Hahahaha! Omg! Nice and at the same time aww poor Jac! You silly goose you'll need more then a few minutes! xD
Heehee I like the new layout and banner! They both make me smile! Even if the layout is a temp one! It doesn't matter!
Aww Abel you are so sweet! Heehe Jacob is still soo happy in the pants! He has to be!
On nos!!! You should get some sleep! It's important!
Also once again I <3 the voting incentives!

I <3 both of the voting incentives! They are sooooo...well ummm HOT but other then that really well drawn! I'm sooo jealous! Also I really really like both of them!!!!!! Will we ever see Tainted Abel in this story?

Also DON'T wake JAC! He's enjoying his nightmare turned dream!
OMG I saw BOTH of the pictures and I <3 them! OMG they are sooooo pervy and awesome! <3

As for this page I still love it! OMG You are the best!
I love how embarrased Jac is! He is in soooo much denial! I <3 you Jacob and I <3 you as well Val!

Also Zadel you are such a Perv but it soooo works for you! :3

Sorry Abel it looks like you are just going to have to put up with his pervy-ness for the good of the fans!
O...M...G... hahahah wow, okay let me catch me breath....hahaha. Okay I'm done. Ah, yea, you just made my day. Thank you so much Shishi Beru! Wow. That's amazing! I was starting to wonder about that! xD It's all a dream! And Ana you know you this it's funny!!! Well okay maybe you don't but the situation is funny! Also Zadel you are missing the molestable Abel dolls! You dork!

Also Val X Jac forever!
TOTAL SUCCESS! Way to go Val! I <3 the fact that Jac got a little happy! xD
Jac is there something that you don't know about yourself?
^ ^
Also I love Val in the second to last panel and Jac's in the last! It's sooooo cute! I like his expression and the little star and how red his face is! And Val's hand! It totally adds to the affect!
I like how the page looks! I really like how Jacob's eyes and hair look. I don't know why but they look really cool! Especially the eyes!

I have to say I am really happy that Valentine is stil in the picture! I <3 Val. I think he might just be my favorite character.

Also omg why is Jacob still naked! Wait, no I know why. Val! I <3 you and Jacob is in front of you....naked! xD ;3

Also I am sure that you would like to stay longer Val, I'm sure you would!

Umm one more thing I am so a Val x Jac fan!
Awww poor Jac!! Don't cry!
And Val, play nice with Jac!


Aren't they sooooo cute!!!! :3
Awww poor Jac! I hope he wakes up soon! Or that Val appears, but I <3 Val!
I really hope Jac is okay when he wakes up!

Keep up the amazing work! :D
Hahah awww let poor Jac sleep! He needs his rest; I mean he did just hallucinate about snakes and Val! (Well maybe day dream about Val <3 )

Aww I hope he doesn't get to depressed! Also yay the page it colored! Yay! -w- Your pages look amazing!
What!!!! No hug!!! Awww T_T

Aww Jacob looks so peaceful sleeping! Maybe it's because he isn't having to deal with any angels vs demon problems? :3
hahah Awww Zadel you dork! I'm sure as mad as Abel was if you gave him ice cream or something sweet he'd be happy...but I'd wait until after Val was done with Jacob. Aslo Val looks sooo cute in the last panel! Can I give you a hug, Val?
Hmmm...hmmm....umm Tues/Thurs

also OMG VAL!!!!!!!! But Poor Jacob! I hope he doesn't get a concussion!
Also Abel looks soooooo cute!!!! I love his expressions as well as Jacob's eyes in the ..umm third panel...I think that's what it is! I really like how you did them!