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I like pie!
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I made a comment too. :)
This is an ad for the christmas special: Green Hill Zone a Christmas Carol. Coming this cristmas.
n47h4n, Realy?
Do you realy have to bring lodgic into this? Its supposed to be a hert warming moment, you dont have to pick it apart and point out every thing wrong.
Realy nice comic. I love Star Trek.
I mainly made this so Tails could make inventions.

And yes it was rushed.
Just in Case you Don't know i'm talking about the Sega/Nintendo Rivalry.
The reason why Lab Part 1 and Lab Part 2 are only one pannel each is because I made the lab sprites after I made Lab part 2.
Poor Dragon Thing.
If it can one hit K.O. a Niodran with scratch imagine what will wappen when it learns Flame thrower. :)
Comment, aw come on.
Please Comment.
It was Fun While it Lasted. :)
November 21st, 2010
It would have been awsome if you had put Naruto and Ichigo up against each other First. Awsome Comic.
Im going to start making myself a character in this chapter.
I finaly got a new computer so im gonna start updating again!
Sorry i havent updated my computer got struck by lightning and fried the mother board, but I got to use the library's so yay.
I wont update for a while there was a mix up with my pants.But its okay now.
Can I join I finally got good sprites.