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likes - pandas, asian food,anime/manga,animecons,girls,crazy people,yuri,food,etc

hobbies - trying to come up with ideas for out fits, reading yuri/yaoi fanfics,finding new artists i like (music and artwise) drawing comics, watching horror films,reading scifi/horror books, collecting panda pictures/teddybears...etc

occupation:none :p

lives in United States!!!
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aww poor poor liam D:
wat does his shirt say? O.O
oooh!!! me me pick me muffin - chan!! >///<
ur pretty! ill be the other queen!! ^^
i luvs u!!! @///@
^//O//^ i wanna taste it!!!
>///< so...cute... *pokes*
o///o i wish that happened in my school bathroom...
O.o..... >///< *has a nose bleed* so cute!!! ^///^
x///X dies after seeing such cuteness!!
haha ello is a fun way to greet ppl!! XD

keep up the good work
haha u changed ur mind a lot didnt u? XD nice comic
haha ur taller than meh too

lol NOT THE LAB!!!! DX
lol happy bday ilu!! XD
haha spongebob underwear!!! ftw! XD