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It's Been A While
Despite what people think, I never gave up this project. It's my pet project, after all. :3

So I'm coming back with an actual official cover for this and actual new pages! :D I can't wait to actually start introducing characters...especially because I realize I haven't even introduced Leander, the main character yet!

It's been what...FIVE YEARS NOW?? Damn...
Official Heart Candy Cover
Though it will say that I uploaded this on August 23rd, 2009, this is actually uploaded on January 25th, 2015. This is the only way I could change the order of the pages. :P

But I'm finally going to take this comic seriously because this comic was my first long running project. I gave up on so many other projects in the past, but this is one that I have always worked on and thought of. So it's time I treat it with the respect it deserves and move it forward from just being a sketch comic! :)

I'm also 10x a better artist than in the past so hopefully this helps tell a better story. ^^;;

I hope you like the official cover of Heart Candy!
Lumi is back!! ...for now.
Hello, everyone! Miss me? Well, you probably missed the comic more than you missed ME. lol

Sorry about the long sometimes takes you away from our passions.

I'm so thankful for everyone's support over the years and the faithful followers of this comic. I know it's died down since I went on hiatus for a couple years. But I sat down one day and decided to pick this up again as I was so happy working on this back in the day.

Here, I have updated designs of all the characters because their original designs were not thought up but rather came out of my butt as I went along. >__>;;

And what's this?? Who is this new "Damien" character at the bottom? We haven't seen him before...yet. I decided that since this chapter is going to come to close really soon, I will entice you for the next chapter as Mac's past will come to haunt him. ^.^

And the character's ages have all been updated too. Toki is just...very underdeveloped for his age. Everyone else is pretty much only a couple years older. lol This is so I avoid any "BUT HE'S UNDERAGE" arguments. :P

Again, I am so sorry about the long wait. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things!
Another Update
Another update to keep some of you skittish people from worrying away about the status of this comic.

I'm still working on re-vamping pages. It's taking a longer time for me to make pages now because they're higher in quality, but that's the price you pay I guess for these things. >____>;;

Anyway, after a lot of deliberation, I've decided that I will go ahead and delete all of the old comics when I begin putting up all of the new pages. I don't know when that will be, but at some point... However, I'm going to try to put all of the old pages somewhere else, so fear not about those.

Thank you guys for all your support thus far! I hope that you will like the pages to come and that you realize that you're part of the reason why this is getting so much time put into it! I LIVE off of your comments and support. :)

Mac, I ought to punch your face in for calling me a lazy butt munch!! Who is the one mooching off of a certain cute little rabbit's house??? >8(
Those aren't what the new pages will look like. They're only storyboards so that I know what to draw. >___>;;

I put a pencil in the photograph to show you that they were merely thumbnails and not part of the final product.
I felt like half of you guys would miss the message if I didn't make it a page, so you guys, PLEASE READ THROUGH THE ABOVE MESSAGE THOROUGHLY and let me know what you think.

I could either:




So lemme know which situation works best for you guys~ :D

Thanks! ^^
Toki Is An Awful Excuse-Maker
Hey guys! Sorry for the long time without an update! And sorry to say that there might not be an update for a long while after I make the next couple updates because I am going to be leaving on about a month-long trip. :( So please RELISH THIS UPDATE WITH ALL YOUR HEART, SOUL, MIND, AND BODY.

On the other hand, the re-vamping of this comic is going well. I should have the new version and the pretty website up by the end of this summer! :D

Toki keeps digging the hole deeper and deeper for himself. And he's like me in that he likes to blow things out of proportion. Poor Toki... Piece of advice is to: JUST STOP TALKING. Is Rina going to get angry with Toki? Is she giong to explode with ninja power and beat Toki and Mac up??

...and Mac is in the background sulking over his lost chance at getting his kiss. LOL
...this just keeps getting awkwarder and awkwarder doesn't it? lol~! Toki's face is just so win in the second panel. >w< I just want to squish his flustered liddo cheeks! :D

I wonder what on earth Rina will do now...? (No seriously, I have no idea...STILL WINGING THIS COMIC AS I GO ALONG! >8D )

A lot of you are wondering at this point if Rina is Toki's biological mother.

Quick Answer: She's not. She's his caretaker, sort of like adoption. So she's just as good as a mother.

On the other hand, growing up with only a "mother" and no father has had some adverse effects on making him positively and absolutely uke material. LOL

And Mac is just never going to get any, is he? XD
Okay, It's Not Really A Page...
...but I assure you that it will be worth it to read this rather lengthy Author Comment!!

So after some deliberation, I've decided to put Heart Candy into full scale. Heart Candy will not be a sketch comic anymore, but a full scale comic. I feel like with all the love that Heart Candy is getting, I feel that I ought to put more love into it too instead of doing it halfheartedly.

I will be re-doing all of the pages through Chapter 3. But rest assured, I will still be updating with new pages. The new pages will still be in their usual sketch comic form, but when I go back through to re-do all the pages and make them into pretty full scale comics, Chapter 3 will also be re-done.

More importantly, and what probably will be done first, is the re-vamp of the Heart Candy webcomic site. It'll actually have a relevant banner and something pretty in the background or something and make it more Heart Candy-ish. lol~ I hope you don't all freak out when you click Heart Candy and all of a sudden some hobo banner appears out of nowhere. I'll be adding character profiles and some goodies like extras artwork and stuff to the site as well for those of you interested.

OH AND I LOVE FANART, DID YOU KNOW?? I'll be making a fanart page where you guys can post all your Heart Candy fanarts and whatnot. I will ask that they be all RATED PG-12 or lower, but you can still be creative~!

Heart Candy will also be receiving a COVER (finally!). Yes. It is exactly what it implies. There is a high chance that I may publish Heart Candy after the release of Chapter 4. Of course, it will only be personal copies available only through pre-order, but I will do it if there is enough people interested. :D

So opinions? Thoughts? I'm glad to hear what you guys think because I'd hate to do something that you guys hate. lol~

(Oh, and new comic page will be coming out soon! :D )
Awkward Moments...
Okay, so I know that you guys would love to assume the worst when you see a scene like this, but I assure you, Mac has not done anything that would cause this comic to go Mature. XP In fact, he has only asked for a kiss which Toki is only freaking out over it. >w<

And Rina...well, you'll see her reaction in a couple pages. LOL But I'd LOVE to hear your responses:

What would you do if you found a random, super-attracting dog boy in your home? XD (All answers must be PG-13 or below.)

What an awesome way to return ROFL
So Now Rina Is Back...
...I wonder what will happen?

Oh and ignore how crappy the background looks in the first panel. I would still like to have you all know that this is still considered a sketch manga. >____>;; Thus I have a right to make crappy backgrounds.

But there is so much irony in the things Rina is thinking, it's even making me laugh when I read it and I'm the one drawing it! The last thing Toki wants is to have Mac there when Rina comes back. XD

Hmm...I wonder what she will walk in on on the next page...? Cliffhangers...til next time. I'm spoiling you guys as it is. LOL
The Start of A NEW CHAPTER!
Hooray! So here is the title page for the NEW CHAPTER!! How exciting!

Anybody else just LOVE the VELVETEEN RABBIT?? It's Toki's and my favorite book~! >w<

Yes, we were all just waiting for the moment that -LE GASP- RINA COMES BACK!! But here I pictured them just reading together. Toki is in his younger years here (not that he isn't young already). He's like...maybe 10-12 years old here. And currently he is 14. So I's not that much younger. LOL

I know I have kept you guys all waiting on the edge of a cliff for updates and for Chapter 3 to start. Well, you got your wish, guys. So I hope you enjoy Chapter 3~ :D

Like always, I am winging it! >w< Let's see where this story goes~ (IT'S PG-12, GUYS. KEEP YOUR IMAGINATION ON CHAIN LEASH OR SOMETHING PLZ. LOL)
Back From The Long, Long Hiatus!
Oh long has it been? I'm pretty sure a lot of people were starting to get worried that Heart Candy was in a hiatus permanently (a.k.a. terminated). But here I am to tell you that is not the case! >w<

So over the course of the next couple days, I'm going to be bombarding you guys with the first couple pages of CHAPTER 3 OF HEART CANDY! Rina is coming back in this chapter! I wonder how she will take Mac? :< My little treat to you guys who have waited so patiently for an update.

Sorry, but I was unable to create a holiday Bonus Image like I promised in the previous page. Life just decided to get hectic with me just as I was about to start on your guys' treat. :P But I just posted this little sketch of Toki for you guys and it's sort of festive in that it does incorporate the Chinese New Year sort of... (Get it? It's the Year of the Rabbit!)

Thank you guys so much for all your support this entire time! I am so glad that people still like this comic regardless of it's rather sporadic updating! I would never have gotten this far into the comic if it weren't for all your comments and love which you have given to my characters~ :D

I will get back to you shortly with a new page of the next chapter! Hooray!
Questions PLZ!
Hey guys! Long time, no see!

Sorry about the lack of updates. Life keeps catching up to me and holding me back from contributing pages to this comic. lol~ But fear not, I have no intention anymore of abandoning this project! ^____^

So, like I said, I am opening the floor for new questions which may be featured in the next discussion room at the end of the chapter! Ask away!

If your questions are not answered in the Discussion Rooms, you can still have them answered! Just ask Toki or Mac anything on their Formspring:

I can't believe it's been over a year since I started Heart Candy! It's come such a long way!

And hmm, hmm, hmm~ I may just have a new page for you guys plus a maybe BONUS HOLIDAY IMAGE...

So let's put it to a vote!

For the next holiday image, I should draw:
1.) Toki in a holiday costume
2.) Mac in a holiday costume
3.) Toki and Mac in holiday costumes

So leave comments with your question and your vote! :D

See you soon, guys!
Whoo~ Another Update~!
Oh, now I am just spoiling you guys. 2 days, 2 updates. lol~ (Actually, I just wanted to finish this chapter up so I can start on all the Bonus Material I promised you guys and Chapter 3)

I think Toki is done for the day. Don't you? lol~ Mac's probably wondering where the heck he went wrong...probably the moment he stepped into Toki's life. rofl Mac seems to have the largest range of emotions on his face. Hrm...

Last page of Chapter 2! Thank you so much to all my fans who have so faithfully followed this story up to this point! I hope you will enjoy many more chapters to come of Heart Candy~! :D

Sneak peek: Rina comes back in Chapter 3. OH NOES. What will happen? (Hahaha~ I am SO not teasing you guys!)
HUGS AND KISSES (to my fans~)
*Le Gasp* Is this an...UPDATE??? Yes, yes. At long last it is an update after 2 months of nothing. lol~ If you were following my DA page, I have been hinting at this day for a while. Kept you all in suspense, ne? LOL (Not really...had none of this planned. Just had pages done and was too lazy to scan them...)

Toki...should have seen this coming. But, as you guys all know, he's TOKI. lol~ Believe it or not, it's very hard to draw kissing guys and make it look convincing. x_____x My style underwent a complete overhaul since I have undergone a period of not drawing as much as I used to. :P I wish I were Toki right now...

Anyway, next page is the last page of Chapter 2! Onto Chapter 3 but not after BONUS MATERIALS which I have promised you guys since Chapter 1 so get super excited! >w<
I Want A Hug Too!
This might be the last update before the school year starts again and the updates will come much less frequently (as they have been). But I am sooooo close to finishing the second chapter! Eeep! I am really excited! >w< Hopefully you guys like the end of this chapter and many more chapters to come!

So I've already started to use Mac's new design. Gosh...I would die to be in that embrace. Mac! You are so tsundere! >w< have no idea how lucky you are right now! The mood changes so quickly every page. It's like mood swings on steroids. LOL!
@Azeher13: Oh no...I could never do that. I love my characters too much. Too bad they're both turning out to be gay. TT_____TT Such is life.

@Goth_Punk_Kura42: Hahaha~ Thanks, but I don't think that manga looks THAT bad. Albeit it does have a sort of childish style to it. XP

@animeangelindark: Tell me about it. Mac's EPIC face would scare the living daylights outta me. >.<

@ZeroYuki: Oh yeah...Toki did look like he's in a bit of a tight spot.
Another Update!
I'm on fire this week. TWO updates?? I am spoiling all of you lovely fans. XD But I guess that's okay, since I have kept you all waiting for forever.

Another poop page because I did this page uber-fast. XP

Don't you just love Mac's short, "So what?" answers? XD It kind of comes from me since when people start going on about, "But he's gay!", I just shrug and say, "So?" Even though I'm straight, it doesn't matter to me whether a person is gay or not. Does that stop me from living my life? Uh, NO. So it doesn't make a difference to me. XP

And you guys thought he was going to rape Toki... HAHAHAHA~

"We're both GUYS!" ...look who's talking, Toki. LOL

Just as a little heads up, I'm like really excited for the next page for some reason... I'll leave it up to your imaginations for now what I might be excited about it for. >w<
Hooray! Update!
Bleh...this page is poop. I did it in a rush so everything looks weird. (I did it in like...20 minutes.) DX I don't need people commenting that it looks funky! T_____T

Yeah, so after a forever of not updating (gosh, this is becoming a habit of mine), I decided that I ought to not leave you with that terrible cliffhanger back there. I was started to receive some PMs from excited fans that thought Toki was going to be raped in the next page. >____>;; Yeah...he's not. This isn't that kind of a BL. lol~

Anyway, Mac has actually put up a pretty good fight up til now, ne? For all its worth, I would've probably scooped Toki up in my arms and huggled him to death. >w< Oh where, oh where will this story go?? XD I'm probably killing you guys with suspense.

Teehee~ I have such wonderful plans for the ending to this chapter. >w< And then even more wonderful plans for the next chapter. XD Gosh! I'm killing myself too! I wonder if I'll make it there? Your guys' comments are what keeps me going. (Sigh)