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Taking everything aside, I really sometimes remember about the comic, but I always have no time to continue it. Not only do I have a game to try and work on, there is just a lot of homework me, and my sis (which she needs the comp for) for me to work on something. Technically the comic is on a really gigantic hiatus right now, if it will ever continue. The game is SSF2 btw, you should go and check it out.
Yeah its like, the author is dead or something.
OK then
But since I'm on school I might take longer.
Well, I got to submit something, and kirby can't win like that, can he?
No worries.... for now.... great to see ya too though.
Maybe since we are only two now, we might start up a new story.
The news.
Anyway, guys, I want to apologize again for not updating and I bring here with you a comic. I want to thanks Phelps for staying the whole time in the comic AND posting one new. That might brang up a new story, since the old story was wiped out because of the reset. I hope you enjoy! (Yeah, still, kirby can't talk)
How do you do that to text?
read the first comics and you will tell which are fillers, and which aren't...
Happy 69 comic ;)
Nah just kidding, good reviews.
i knew it was link <3
Wait, why am I commenting...
I had to had something else to show you while I can! Authors, please be careful since now, fillers won't be the only thing, PM me for a how and to add comics plz.
Are you really gonna ask why is it so rushed?
Thanks guys!
For still updating comments when I'm grounded.
I'm near the swine flu, so I need to be careful
wow coincidence I sneaked in when you got on xD
Just don't overuse it, If you had the idea of a thing. Anyway welcome the new author
Overused suck
Yah, it was just to use it in about the first comics, then after a while you might bring it back.
You do know jiggly can be male or female right? Pink doesn't mean man or woman.
the pit ones are from ssf2, the rob ones aren't, cuz theres no ROB *one year later*
I thought the Final Smash was an alien invasion...
It does take your curiosity why is there a turn in the middle of the bridge. Nice comic anyway.