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Woo! I'm me, Lexi DeShurley. I'm perverted, love yaoi, am Otaku, and obsess over random stuff. That's about it so... Bye! XD
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AHHH THE GISHWHES SHIRT. I love it! This page is so cute <3
We understand and will be patiently awaiting your return, if that's what you decide you want to do. I hope things start going right for you in the near future!
Psh, Rainbow Dash trumps all.
The third panel. Tommy's face makes up for the lack of his groin shot.
That face Dake is making in the third panel is screaming "Holy shit can we make out again?" XD
just because you're gonna focus on the future, doesn't mean the past won't sting sometimes.
Reference to my FAVORITE comic called "Fables" (published comic, not a webcomic). Basically, Bigby is the Big Bad Wolf in human form, who is usually this tough and gruff chain-smoker. Seeing him as a little girl... X'D What is this? another update? why yes, yes it is ^^
Ignore my crappy MS paint coloring. I tried X'D

Edit:I REALIZE I CHANGED MY HAIR STYLE. My reasoning is that the sophistication of the hair style matches the face ^^"""
I love that comic X3 and I bought it, but then Bella bought it too XD It was supposed to be my Christmas present.
Blue's dad amuses me so. And I know I didn't finish her in the last panel, this whole thing was a lazy sketch ^^" If you can't tell, twe were watching the Neon Genesis Evangelion Movie. In the beginning, he jerks off, but all it shows is his hand with cum on it. Her dad had to leave the room for that part XD
d'aaaaw <3 Haru rapeable face~

.......i smell teh smex? ;D?
you, my good sir, are a complete genius of the sorts. i applause you for this. *claps*
I am loving this comic so far XD your style is so much fun~ Keep up the good work!
Even though no one cares - -U
Sorry for lateness, I'e been EXTREMELY busy. This statement is totally true though. Bella was drawing my characters today, and I was comparing them. Hers were better than mine, AND THEY'RE MY CHARACTERS!!!
Happy Valentines Day! I have more pages to post, don't worry, but I can't post them at the moment. Tomorrow, maybe.
his mom= epic win of a mommy XD i luff the comic so far^^ updates everyday isnt bad at all (*loves getting daily updates*)