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Missalice3: Admittedly, yes, There are no rules about duplicating idols.
HOWEVER, it has been shown in in series that when an action is seen as unfair, it is added to the rules. (e.g. Violet using fire breath to win a challenge, and thus it being banned from then on)
People are angry about Enter breaking the rules, but they're even more angry about how flagrantly his cheating is being disregarded.
I have a feeling Sunflower's going to play a big part in the next elimination.
Uh oh...
This can't help but make me think... of the last time an idol was burned...
I swear. Heinz is my favorite character in the series.
Heinz doesn't have to do anything. xD
Wait, what was with Xero's ear?
"He's a Butterfinger"

>Not an episode title.

SWSU-Master: Should I remind you on the annual death toll cause by coconuts? ;3
I see...
D'aww, no name for Pips? D:
I chose a piplup. His name is Frost. ._.
^ is the truth. I'm going on hiatus to make other stuff. I will be back. ^_^
Holidays = Perfect time for lazy comics.
Ended up with not enough time to make the next comic, so here's this. ^_^
Bean is a crow. :3
Okay, time to fill this.
THIS took a lot of work.
But oh well, thing be done.
(Total layers on the image: 56.)
I've gotten lazy. Tad behind in the comic making.
Hopefully, I can have next week ready in time. >.>
Annika is cute in the fourth panel.

And Turtwig turned out reeeeeeeeeeeally good in the first panel. :3
Enigma: Thanks. :D
...Whatchya think? :V
I may regret this.
I only worked on this comic in Photoshop class.
...Which I take twice a week. I finished 1 panel in the first, and did everything else in the other. .-.
Update schedule may not work, but i'll try my best. >.>
Sorry sorry.
I'm actually going to start updating regularly.
I'm working on the second comic. Whenever it gets done will be the update day on which I will update once a week.
And yeah. This is totally an inside joke.
--Update: (9/22/09)--
Comic is made. Comic be up Friday, around Noon. (PST) .-.