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April 26th, 2011
and thats all.... for now.
April 26th, 2011
April 26th, 2011
April 26th, 2011
doody dum
let the cruddyness begin :P
you could always download gimp, its free and similer to photoshop
itproably burns because they've been working on it for ages, that happened to me once xD
lol for a moment i thought this was an online 3D game when i saw the preview xD

anyways good comic ^.^
November 20th, 2009
im not sure if you wanted it he had bad japanese or not, but it sorta doesnt make sense when he says
"do you do it to attract bloody bad luck or what?"
it should probably be
"do you want it to attract bloody bad luck or what?"

haha very random.
more pages than i could put into a story though XD
well dragon night never looked anything like dragon air and dratini, so this is better than nothing i guess
you could probably sell these as real pokemon.

at the moment it seems in the games and shows that they'll all beginning to look alot alike, but you'res are always very differnt from the show.
good work! ^.^
im to lazy to think of a sentance with dood, oh wait. look at that huh
the tail is heracross's antena/horn?
stomach is polygons
and the feet are pigy's last evolution(pigyotto?) missing toes :D
I once drew a page exactly like this. but it was full of my cruddy-ness drawings XD

loving the comic so far
Here we go
Yo im RedShampoo, but call me Red.
Heres my first comic, and fusion.
Dont you just love horrible colour scemes? XD

Its name is hernest since its a Harveting pokemon.

if you have a better name, please coment.

lmao, i found it funny XD

but you should use more poses
apart from the skirt bit on the first one, i honestly dont like that part
well heres my contribution for now.
I did it on paint(as you can tell) with a cruddy mouse at my mums work.

at home il use gimp, so it'll come out better yay