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nate blitzs
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    kendall mcghee
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im snipong my clone self
sabbo i get attacked for no reason
my cloneslef is dead and im killing u next
Evil Tek:well to bad those clones die
Evil Tek:this isn't my true form
Evik Tek:i dot see y elimanate us u could start with a city
Evil Tek:well i'll just revive everybody i killed
Evil Tek:u dont know my thru power the only 3 powerfulest ones are u me and strike mabye sparky if she unleashes her power watever
Evil Tek:u do know i can just kill the copys right without trying but i'll have to transform
Evil Tek:i didn't kill them
Evil Tek:the will die and u will to for ur set back
Evile Tek:u wont either after i kill u so me and etropy made a deal if the reals ones die i kill u copys hahahahaha
Evil Tek:i'll just pick u guys off one by one
Tek:well i a'int fixing the hole
Evil Clone Tek:let me guess go 30% power i'll show true power to sparky
Evil Clone Tek:well i'll start with vulcan first
Evil Clone Tek:u needs my sprites
Evil Clone Tek:fine but i'll handle shade
Evil Clone Tek:i have but i get to kill all the copys and i'll have to of my destrutive friends kill the residents is a great deal