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Sorry, no time to color! I've been so busy lately.
Lucky I got this done ahead of time, other wise there wouldn't be a comic on July the 4th.

A human girl and an elfin boy fight to save the whole of creation from demonic creatures. An epic battle between good and evil. Or is it really that simple?

Updates wed/sat.
Last page of Chapter one. I is so happy, see? :)

Anyway, more to come in ch 2!

Twice a week updates on wednesday and sunday. I am putting the finishing touches on the final page of Chapter One. Come and check it out!
Yeah, one page in four weeks. I feel so terrible. Anyway, school ends in about two weeks, and then I'll be able to update waaaaay more often. read my news post for more info if you haven't already.

on another note, almost done with chapter one! (hey, that rhymed!) sorry it has so much talking.[SPOILERS(ish)] Quite frankly, 2 will have a lot of talking too, but there'll be a few scene changes as well, plus most of the exposition will be set down in that chapter.
No pages for the next two weeks. I've got exams. Sorry.
Talis likes to talk. Probably because her voice is often the most familiar thing she has in new/weird situations (remember, she's also a foster child), so its comforting for her to be able to hear it.

I'm not sure what that last panel is, though. I guess its Tam trying to be friendly. He's not very good at it. He isn't shy, but he isn't friendly like Talis is either.

This page is going to look strange, I'm afraid. I'm having difficulty saving it as a jpeg, so it'll be saved as a gif or png instead. Dear god, that's terrible quality. I'm sorry.
Next week's page may be late. I'll be out of town for a couple of days, so we'll see.
This page was pretty easy. Still having some trouble with highlighting, though. Might just drop it and only do the shadows. It looks a lot more subtle then.

By the way! New prologue page up! Go check it out.
If you're wondering why Tam's coat looks a little different from the last page, well, there's a reason for that. Namely, I saw a coat I liked while shopping, but it was too expensive for me to buy, so I was like: "Eff it, I'll just model a character's clothing after it." I already had the color scheme in mind.
Hey guys, had to rush a bit on this page, so there's no shading, sorry! But life is a little busy right now.
I'm starting to question my decision to do the entire comic on the computer. It would look nicer if I sketched and inked and THEN scanned it on and colored, but it would also take longer, and I'm here mainly to tell a story, folks. I'll keep doing it on the computer for now.
Page one! Don't worry color coming soon.
PAGE TEN WAH HAHAHAHAH!!! VICTORY DANCE!!! I don't think my sister's comic got this far...
Meh nothing to say.
HAHA!! Best page ever.
Yeah... it was supposed to be up on Tuesday..
This page totally cracked me up.
This is my favorite page.