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Woo woo I can draw
That guy
I bow down to your accurate wording :)
First of all, I make nothing from ads, my total revenue in the whole life of this site is maybe $2, I have never checked, I'm pretty sure the lowest bidders get it free anyway.

Secondly, did you read any of the other comments? C&H ran a similar strip to one of mine 6 months after I had posted it, did they rip me off or is it possible that, now bear with me here... that 2 people can have similar ideas? It may sound far fetched but maybe it is true.

Thirdly, wait there is nothing else.
I did not draw this.
My girlfriend drew this for me years ago. This is how she see's me...

I'm sure she loves me really.
Maybe a week...
I fractured my toe just over a week ago, making me unable to work. Now I have 6 more days off sick so I may get some comics done. They will be nice.
Oh yeah.
I didn't notice that. Cheers dears.
How unlucky
I go to pick up my stylus, ready to draw after getting back into it & it broke! So I had to draw this with a mouse. It found the pencil difficult to hold.
A new baby.
My sister had a girl, she hasn't named her yet, I call her first child turbomonkey, this one I shall call Koalaface.

I like it. Congratulations you two =D
Yeah I do plan to do more. Long unsociable hours at work have been the reason I havent been able to the last few months but circumstances at work changed recently to allow me more free time & I have every intention to get back to drawing :)
Yup I admit I spelt it the wrong way but if I went back & changed it then there would be nu comments.
The idea came from the first Futurama film actually...
November 23rd, 2009
It is difficult to post a comment for a reason, the casual troll does not usually goto too much effort to leave mindless comments but people with genuine criticism do.

It may be an obsolete word, but still a word.
November 17th, 2009
The snail poem.
This poem was written by my other half Leanne. I randomly came across it & drew some terrible things to go with it.
To the trolls
How the hell can you assume I copied this? I hadnt seen the other one until I was linked to it by somebody that saw this. I havent seen all of the damn internet, I have life. And if you say it's drawn badly, why dont you do better? The banner ads? They pay for the smackjeeves hosting so the site can actually exist & most are for other webcomics. I make no money from this, I do it out of enjoyment in the little spare time that I'm not at work because I like to think I make atleast one person smile when they see something I drew.
I'm no artist and all you people are doing is ruining the fun I have had doing this.
Thanks for the nice feedback :) I get accused of ripping off C&H often and other things. People seem to think I've seen all of the internet & just copy pasta everything.
mouse over for the alt text, it clearly says that.
Thanks :)
Road cone to wizard hat in under 3 seconds!
Thanks for the link. Yeah it is crazy similar, I havent seen that before though. It isn't intentionally the same, its just what I drew :)
Stolen from? If you are gonna say I stole something do me a favour & post a link to what it is. I havent seen everything on the internet.