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i like martial arts...and anything that has to do with martial arts... art, writing... jackie chan....
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sweeeeeeeeeet <3
lol, MRS BURGESS! HA! this was truly a funny page. i love the ladys hair, reminds me of tommys mom from the rugrats!
wow i missed alot. youve been updating very often.

anyway. wow. Argent is cool. i didnt give her that before, but now i do. it does seem like she got captured on purpose and Andy must have noticed... or something like that i dont know. keep up the good work.
Finally Action from Argent
Yes! Action! No! Andy!! this is awesomness!!!
last few pages= Awesomness!

poor guy, he's been going through some horrible mental issues, huh? its funny, you couldnt really tell his emotions in the beginning of the story, or that he was sad at doing those crimes, he seemed to enjoy it, unless thats another personality or something, some personality that the cavellos instilled in him? looks like they locked up the real guy (reminding me of another anime, but i wont say it, i promise...) also, i love Andy on this page. he's just like.. "What am i doing here again?" i cant wait to see what he does next. i do wish there was a little more hand to hand combat. i love this story so much.
haha Andys face..
seriously, he's been after this guy for ever, if he doesnt even NICK him... i shall be dissapointed. come on. just one bullet... from one gun... even by ACCIDENT...

i might be a little too violent..
yay. the guy's fast is slowly unfolding!
so sad... i think if i were reading this as a novel.. i would cry..

this is getting good
its been getting good for a long time
I really want to know how this all ends
too bad i just cant read it all the way until the end
because you havent gotten that far yet
darn you
i dont know what to think.
I love how he's moving around with guns in his hands. this would make such a tense scene in a movie. like a grip the edge of your seat kind of scene, with suspenseful, intense music. yeah... your style is changing by the way.. for the better..
Andy is such a cool character. he's that kind of character that even though he is not the main character and he (at this point atleast) is sort of a background character, he is still soo cool. just my type of character.
Okay. i KNOW you hate when i compare your comic to things. but the warehouse with all those hooks reminds me of one chapter in some volume of the veeeeeeeerrrryyyyyy early YUGIOH Manga, when some thugs hung Jonouchi to one of those hooks and attacked him with tasers. it was a sad scene. i wonder whats gonna happen here????????
wahahaha... i dont know why this part seems funny...
oh dear..
i know you hate when we compare your comic to other things, but i just couldn't help notice how similar this scene is to one REALLY old Jackie Chan movie where he tries to grab onto a bus or something and so holds onto it with his umbrella. i know, not that similar, but when i saw your page the scene from that movie came to mind.
YES! awesome! go Andy! i love the back kick! HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!! love the drawing technique on this page also.
action! hooray! and just in time too!! the expressions are perfect. they look like they've been at it for a while!! ha ha!