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Dat Storyline. So detailed. So beautiful. Much Epic. Wow.
Aw man, I so had a tamagotchi when they came out. *is hella old*
I love Chris' face. Beautiful.
balls, he has them.
ermagawd, you live in california too!? sames! yeah, even the bay area got hit hard. it was all raining and then hella cold for a bit and then WHAM! summer. x.x

that last panel made me giggle.
May 21st, 2013
Congratulations!!!! I've still got a few more weeks left...*sobs*
I know the feels. Life likes to pile lemons on ya when it gives you lemons. I like throwing them back at life.

Also, what Kattriella said. This page is magnificent! It puts all of my art to shame. o.o; I love it when this comic updates. Each page brings a smile to my face. :3

I hope all gets better soon! As silly as this sounds, I'll pray for ya!
March 23rd, 2013
I'm so sorry you have to deal with a chronic condition. I do too. It sucks balls, but I've learned a lot from it. I appreciate every day even more now. :3 I'm short too! :D Fortunately as long as I am medicated and get regular checkups I could live a "normal" life, but no more sports or super active activities. :( I learned that I am very lucky and others are not so much. Kind of an eye-opener. I am also learning how I can help others. :)

While being sick is the worse, being diagnosed and knowing what you can do about is one of the best feelings. Keep your head up! You are well loved on here and I'll be praying for ya. Just take it all one day at a time and Carpe Diem! <3

Also I heart your comic so much! Especially the animated bits. You have amazing talent! *can't animate for shit*

ahem. ValxJacob I hopes. *w* and throw in glory for fun! BD
No seriously, keep going. I like pretty things. >3

Also as a catholic, i still love this. :D Your interpretation is quite interesting. I likey likey! MOAR PAGES!
whyyy!!!!!!?????? I wanna meet you so bad! but ill be at kublacon. ;-; i do live near san jose though! :D

sucks i stopped going to fanime cause im poor. :P
May 23rd, 2012
lmao " that a tail?" "shuddup mister death god with a black tongue."
lol Its always the ones who feel good who are deathly ill. :D Loving this! Also, looking forward to weaponized homoeroticism! <3

Also, always follow a tall man, mostly because they are super hot. <3
AI NO KUSABI IS OUT!!!!!????? FUUUUUUUUU!!! *hits download button*
Also, very sad page. D:> I just watched Doctor Who Christmas special and after seeing this page i think I will continue to cry. but it is a lovely page!
No worries. I'm with ya there! Got myself a sinus infection then a really fucked up stomach flu. D: This always happens around Christmas. ;-;

In any case, thanks for updating despite your condition!! I could not if I had a comic. ;-;
December 14th, 2011
OMG yes! I just started reading and I thought this comic was awesome....but then... This page made this comic my top favorite! You guys rock!!!!!! Yay for fellow doctor fans!
pfffffft I love their faces. kissy face time! >3<
This...this made my day. >w< So cute!
ALKDIKHFDSUFGEOAWIEH!! The one year I decide to go to kublacon vs fanime, you go. :P Dammit! Would've been cool to meet you and buy arts. ;-;