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Likes manga and american cartoons.
Favourites ones: Bleach, Beyblade, Bakuman, Dragon Ball, Tutor Hitman Reborn, Ed, Edd & Eddy, Fairly OddParents, Titeuf, Courage the Cowardly Dog and many others.
Wants to become a mangaka, or at least a comic maker with manga style, or a inker.
Doesn't like very much love stories, so her comics will be about action or drama.
Doesn't make any kind of comic about pairs (except yaoi -which are her passion even if she KNOWS yaoi pairs in her favourite show doesn't exist- or rare cases).
Likes to draw, read, sew,surf the net searching for anything (XD).
Did u see the last filler arc?
I'm worried about it... since the first episode I had the feeling they're going to do something like this story... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!
Unexpected, eh?
Sorry for the long wait...
Today I've seen the episode 311 of bleach and in that KON IS THE MAIN HERO!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!
February 23rd, 2011
This comic is very cute... but sad... ç_ç
Fanart time!
Sorry, I just love Kon's dubber singing "My Pace" and... I did this!
That song is amazing... and it's perfect for this story you're reading!
The beauty!
If it was for me I'd call her the t**y... sorry! ^^'''
Well, what will Kon do? Owo
Seriously, what did you expect from Kon?
Their father? A shinigami? Searching for Kon?
What will happen now?
... ok, I don't know what to write...
Look at this page: in the story this is an importan part, which will be cleared in the last part of the comic! X3
Latin Lover
Or heartbreaker, or Don Giovanni, whatever, it's still Kon... finally he has all girls around him!
School Days
Drawing school is damn hard! But at least Ruki'as right... for everything! XD
Sorry, I'm a bit fan of Yaoi... but this is not a BL comic! It's just that I wanted to draw it! XD
I love how you draw Marilù... I mean, Muriel! ^^''''
January 5th, 2011
Totally unespected... but I like it! >w<
January 5th, 2011
The story is very full of action, and the characters are expressive! I'm curious to see what will happen now! ^w^
The method...
How is going to be the "same old method"? Who knows... me for sure! XD
Same old Kon!
Remember this: Kon will ALWAYS love his nee-san! XD
This comic is very funny! ^^ Compliments!
I know this is drew badly, but I didn't feel well when I made this... and I'm not good at drawing at computer... at least, I'm not good at drawing pages on pc... so from now on the pages will be done with pencil!
And from now on the comic will always look like this! And now you have to read it from left to right.