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Is pretty lazy
loves her cat XD
Also loves to draw manga-style!!
is a pervert DX;;;
please be nice to me and help me to get better ^.^ *hugs*
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November 11th, 2012
yay she got a friend :3
oh yes he is going to treat her fine ;D
Ah that is why they sparkle, ingenious :D
The page is great as always ;)
can not wait until you are back, since I really enjoy your artwork :3 *hug*
O.o that was my second I feel old ;.;
goes-to-eat-ice-cream, lol
the page is great :D

about the legs I think they look fine (more realistic than some comics tend to be), sometime tings just look a little odd in different perspectives :d

Do not worry it still looks god!!! :)
that sounded painful :O
awwww they are so cute :3
March 4th, 2012
thank you it was a great comic and a I personally liked the story ending this way :)
February 26th, 2012
beautiful I love it
that is so awesome OvO

were can I get the book (is it out yet) :D
happy new year
glad to see new great pages :3
Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!
I love your comic *v*
hope you get well soon <3
I voted ^^
I think it fits ^^
I know there is like nothing happening in Norway ;v;
no problem ^^
happy new year <3
and merry Christmas to you to ^^