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Hi everyone (waves).

Let's see...what can I say about me?

I can be shy. (>_<) I can be funny, I can be serious. I
can be crazy.

I love making new friends (sadly I'm always lacking)

I love to read, write, draw, get free food from the mall's
food court ^^ I'm an anime fan (shoujo-ai especially). I love the show Lost. And sometimes my imagination is just a bit too big (so many story ideas, so little time to write)
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It's not dead! I need to work on text. I'm no good at speech bubbles. Or the pannel lines. My version of photoshop gives me limited tools to work with.
Hailey's solution to Mad standing out. I hope to get a colored version of this pic done sometime soon.
Here's page 16 at long last/ I should have the next page up in a day or so.
Thanks. I'm not the best at drawing hands, so I'm surprised it came out as well as it did.
Many of you have noticed the change in style for this page. The reason: I asked a friend to help me draw the hand and se ended up redrawing the whole thing.

**If anyone is interested, let me know some ideas for a Hailey backstory. It doesn't matter that you don't know much about her as it is. Seeing as she doesn't really have a backstory (yes, I admit it), I could use some ideas. Thanks everyone.
my DA is
I got this pic done for me at Otakon.
Also, what's the best size for a banner?
What's the best size for the images to be? If you haven't noticed, my comics seem to be pretty big.
Still a lack of actual comic updates, I've been having som trouble with a panel from the next page.....
I love this comic.

So Amber can apparently fly. Can't wait to see more. ^_^
The hair coomes down at last. ^^
Randomness ^^
I like the grin that you give the main character.
I like the idea. I love the idea of a story told from the villain's POV.
The broken borders, can any of you picture that as a flashback? If not, I could use some ideas as to how to go about making a flashback. Thanks and enjoy. ^^
Very funny. ^_^ Love the expressions.

Happiness! I got my first comment. ^^