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Shinobi No Mono
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caught and eaten by the cyclops at the very start of the game, mistimed my roll.
*Raises his sign in support*
*holds a sign that says : I'm with ^ This person ^ *
Glowing eyes, lovely XD
Hmm i wonder what matt is like in this world then...
Sneaky Ket, is sneaky.
Come for the Comic, Stay for the Comments. Thank you everyone for the jokes and puns as well with this enjoyable comic.
@Pokemontrainergigi: not mango? pity mango > peach in my opinion.
yay for gigi living! also what does pecha berries taste like gigi?
I came i saw i fav'd! than i did a lil jig and stole your cookie :3
caffine supposably helps with headaches, heard it from several doctors, and epic dodou!
number of times of kiara being terrified in the comic, 2. :D
Poor spinarak getting beaten up by an ugly drowsee
Was it the regular Dark souls ver, or the Prepare to die version Gigi? Oh watch out for the dragons for you are small and meaty while they are hungry.
page #173 to #178?...what happened inbetweeeeeeeeen D:
To Atty: when are you going to buy a portable tv/dvd combo and walk along watching top gun instead of paying attention to what crazy people call adventuring? To Pokemask: do you have a spare mask I could have?
damn missed by a second
atty is just gonna offer dt a curlywurly for each bug pokemon he takes out. instant win.
FFX-2 for "Hey all lets play a ff game, minus more content than FFX had and than just to top it off lets play barbie dress up" i proceeded to walk off and play Zelda: Links awakening on my old gameboy for it had a better story.