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I like Video Games, Drawing, Hanging out, ect.
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    David Petrucco
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Good Job
hahahaha nice if you did that on accident.
if you didnt then good job making it seem like you did
I know how that is hahaha, work so hard you just collapse instead of doing necessities like shower, or in your case the comic =:^P
If He Had Hair
Not even a day later and I updated again! Woo! I decided to upload a doodle, just cause I can. I guess its sorta like filler, but not really :P
Your Mom
This was a funny convo me and my friend had while driving back to campus. I like it a lot more in comic form. Btw I cant draw cars, or stick people driving them apparently.
Insomnia is never fun, especially when you have it a few days in a row.
This is an actual dream I had. Very weird. For those of you who don't know, Sir Psycho Sexy is a Red Hot Chili Peppers song, hence the title of this comic.
Emergency Leaver
Last panel is suppose to be the operating room of a train, ya know where you drive it. I've never been in one of those so idk what it is suppose to look like. >.<