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Wohooo I wanna do a fanart :3 You gonna get it in a PM :3
Lovely :D

Print it! But you don't need to redraw it. Maybe add asome background for your own sake and peace but the way the pages are now is fantastic!!!!

If you print it, do it in english please :D or maybe both languages but I'd really buy it! So print it in English please cus even thou I live in Sweden and read German in school I'm absolutely noo good at it :D
Oh Snap o:
Hahah xD I kneew it :3
Omg *flail* Marry mee xD

have fun on vacation :>

Omg xD he looks so hot without his glasses :3
April Joke o: :V ??
Top Geeaar *flail*
They're overdoing it Dx Poor Emi D:
March 17th, 2010
Ah, yeah an' my last favorite thing about doing a page, is planning it oAo, cuz I alwas get stuck and in the end I'm abandoning my comic ;________;
March 16th, 2010
Omg I love this comic, xDDD This page is wonderful! xD
Omg, I didn't know that you were published 8'D. Thought I looked it up and looks asm!! 8'D Wanna read it... but.. Can't order it Dx
Yey updates 8'D We want more!! OuO (love!!)
Sheeee's snapping ! .__.
February 12th, 2010
Oh dear(d) David D8 Whut about Desta?................

(GO OR IT!!!~ <3)
poor poor mother xD
I can see the PQ formula xD Poor Haru canät be easy :'3
February 7th, 2010
Darn you David... You want to jump Jack.. Not okey xD but anyhow... I still like them OuO doubblemoral
February 4th, 2010
OMG So friggin cuuutee!!1 Can i have that cat? :'3
Heehee xD