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green lake
2D animator, BL fangirl, occasional gamer, lazy artist.

Favourite artists: Hagio Moto, Saika Kunieda, Higashi Nishida <3 Damn I love Higashi Nishida.

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Did I mention Atsushi look so cute in uniform? *__*
The art and the story look very promising...I'll definitely keep an eye on this comic! XD
I'd say put up the warning sigh just to be safe. Though for some weird reason I always have to click yes twice before seeing anything...

Keep up the good work! ^__^
You can't have a sad scene without's just not right XDD

I'm never ready to go back to school. T__T *sighs*
Atsushi looks so miserable... ;__;
Their good-bye hug is so sweet^^ And they're both blushing~ XD

Did you submit your comic to It's good if you want more exposure^^
Hehe, they're so cute together^^
Hehe, I like where this is going...I like it a lot...*favs*