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I was born in 1985 and grew up in the countryside in Sweden. At 15 I moved away from home to go to college, a 3 year college course in floristry. My drawings are somewhat influenced by this, including my overworked greenery.

When I graduated from college I went to live in Huskvarna for about 2 years and after that I moved to London. I stayed in London for 6½ years, first as a single lady and then as a married woman. Initially it was all pubs and live gigs for me (at least 3 times a week), thereafter a very sweet Englishman came and diverted my attention as it were.
During my London years I also went into the field of accounting and thus started to progress along the spreadsheet career path.

In 2013 me and my englishman moved out of London to live in Sweden instead.

I'm not even 30 yet, wonder what's next. I'm not going to be bored anyway, that's for sure.
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    Linnea Jenner
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Test image
This is a test image to ensure that mobile devices can still handle this website as I increase image widths to 1660px.

Other than that the artwork is half baked and in progress.
Awesome use of colours and free flowing lines. Very atmospheric
The best thing about this comic is how natural all the emotions are conveyed, as if effortlessy. It all blends nicely together and flows steadily towards the finishing page. A very well executed work.
Transition art
We just got an iPad so I kind of stopped this artwork halfway, hence there's a lot of empty space on this page. The bottom image should have been in the middle, with two more panels at the bottom. However, I'm quite pleased with this image though, in particular the contrast between the colors of the greenery in the foreground vs the more muted colors on the rest of the page.
very good! nice flow to the story and a relaxed artstyle. Great work!
Trying out tutorials
I wasn't very excited about this page, but it turned out it had great potential for what could be done with it in Photoshop. I tried out some new tutorials and it was lots of fun.
I wanted to try blending two images together which are quite different on this page. The top image is stylized whereas the bottom image is a lot more realistic. I think the contrast brings out the movement of the trees and the bendy road more.
oh noes, the comic is deadified and I just discovered it :(
lol! the frame that holds up a massive dress, but no dress!
Django is totally not the right guy for his job.
I like the textures. gives it so much more life when the page isn't just smooth colours
pretty relaxed work place, sleeping on the job and still no trouble!
so refreshing to see a more personalised artstyle - rather than just manga by the books!
your art has really developed since the beginning. although the art isn't photoshopped in the same way as many other comics are, the style somehow complements the writing, although I can't really put words on how :)
poor guy, he is the main suspect!
wow, this is excellent, you really have a unique artstyle going :)
the blue is too blue and the red is too red for the two colors to work together. the contrast is kinda difficult on the eyes, maybe try a softer shade of the blue/red?
I think the page would look lots better with that adjustment. please remove this comment if you disagree ;)