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December 20th, 2010
ehh dont leave meh in hot spot here >w< i wanna seee the lord wan he bk ~
December 20th, 2010
>w< hehehe in soo funny i cant wait to seee the other pg
OUo Arako Color shoot <3 <3 <3
Every thing start with smile that well be the key of you happnes

Hahaha... sorry was lazy -3- it just wan i swich to Windows 7 my Open convest wont work so i cant tune the pg am trying same thing that well work so if ya have anything that ya think it good to use Plz DO tell
8U8 i just Feelt typing what asher saying <3
*u* trying to add more tone -3-
This Day's Am soo busy with things *u* alot to do and kind of sad -3- no comment make meh feel i doo suck ;u; i now i do but stilL 0LZ
End of chapter 2 <3
sorry if the story seen moving to fast >M<"
ummmm it been long sorry to be lazy ass ^^"
"Adone" and "Adolfo" is Italian Names

"Adone" mean "my lord"
"Adolfo" Mean "noble wolf"
Read from Right ^x^
=3= sorry for the BAD start i always bad with start
The Cover
^w^ Chapter 1 Cover
*w* hope ya enjoin it XD
ummm finllay yuuko side huh XD
krochan motherly Mood On XD krochan Love to take care of other most kids o(>v<)o
Quick Quiz what ya think Him mean?
1.son? ?
3.Boyfriend ?