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RagTag Studios
RagTag Studios is composed of Smiley [K.C. Smith (artist)] and Hafpint [S.C. Vargas (writer)]. There are many other people who either help us with stories or character concepts as well. We are currently working on numerous projects including some children's books.
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    Smith & Vargas
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Hey Hey Hey! Lookin' Good!
I be likin' your new page layout! So purdy with the smoke ;)

And don't all stories just take on a mind of their own...? -_- It's like we're just the means to the story's end.
Sorry about the slow updates....this has been the semester from hell and I just spent the weekend hugging the porcelain instead of working on my final projects because I discovered I've got a food allergy....guh. >XP

I've been jumping around a bit on finishing pages [already had pg 16 done before this one lol] but it's getting there! Let me know what you think or if you see any inconsistencies!
RagTag Studios
December 13th, 2010
awwww...bad pixels....making the lines look booo... >:[
I'm really glad it's not a hardware/software problem! I'll pray they get evicted soon. Perhaps investing in a surge protector would keep the electric surges to a minimum on your computer until the fateful day?
Some Tech Ideas for fixing your problems...
I'm not sure what you've tried already or if you have a MAC or PC but if you have a PC there a few things that might help include:

1. Uninstall and reinstall your tablet drivers - sometimes the drivers become corrupted and need to be reinstalled. Also check the website of the brand of tablet you own to see if they have any troubleshooting or FAQ on your problem.

2. If your cursor is also acting up it might be that you have too many programs running at once, eating all your RAM. You can press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and a window will pop up click Processes and you can run through the list and stop the programs that are eating up the most RAM [such as Skype, iTunes ect NOT explorer or your anti-virus]If you've never done this I suggest asking a tech friend to help you. Do this one if none of the other tips help out.

3. Do a simple defrag and disc cleanup. Sometimes broken files can cause hiccups if you rarely do a defrag and could be causing the lag. Go to Start-> All Programs ->Accessories -> System Tools -> Disc Cleanup [you can choose your drives and it will delete extra files like cookies, whatever's in your recycle bin ect], then do Start-> All Programs ->Accessories -> System Tools -> Disc Defragmenter [choose the drive you want and then click analyze, after a few min it will tell you if you need to defrag, if so click the defrag button it could take up to a day to defrag your computer if you've never done one before so do it on a day you don't mind spending on something else.

4. It could also be a hardware problem. In that case if your tablet is old you may want to look into a newer model. Also if you have a Wacom Graphire 4 tablet [i have this one] the styluses are notorious for messing up. If you have an older tablet stylus use that one instead or purchase a new one.

5. Run your anti-virus and spyware through a system scan. Sometimes trojans and the like will eat up RAM and make your system run slower. If you don't have a good anti-virus/spyware I suggest AVG because it's efficient, free, and easy to use.

If you're in the market for a new tablet here are a few ones that might work for you.... _e_text_b boo_Pen_Graphics_Tablet.htm

Hope some of this helps! You can also check out the WACOM website and browse the newest tablets and find one right for you :) I can't wait till everything is fixed so you can update more! I miss seeing new pages :(
New character! This is Ron....I hate him. And you will soon too.

@ Superficial_Fox: Thank you dear! Not to worry, I have three pages and some Christmas Art in the works :) Should have most of it up by the end of the weekend. I apologize for slow updates. Lots of projects all at once and this comic takes longer than my other one due to the fact it's all in color. :/ I'm going to have a lot more free time after finals and I'm planning on revving out the rest of the first chapter [34 pages. Still deciding if I should try printing it when its done or just wait to print a paperback when I get the whole Month 1 done....What do you think?]. I won't forget that you're waiting, I'm actually really happy you commented! No one comments :( it makes me sad and slow to update if no one seems to be expecting anything. I deeply appreciate it thank you :) and hearts are < + 3 = <3
So...many...layers!!! Guh! T.T
Sorry it took so long to upload again....a tinsy bit of fan service...ish....thing...>.< enjoy!
I likes it :)
Totally forgot I had finished this days ago and went to start on it and it was a happy surprise to see it sitting there... :D
Douchy just dribbled out of his mouth like crazy....I had such a hard time keeping him consistent....grrr....By the time I finished this page I'd be satisfied to never have to draw him again.
@Gregate : Thank you!!! XD
Is he gonna say something douchy?
Dawwww.... [chants] Kiss her! Kiss her! XD
Thanks SomiJuli ^_^ I was kinda worried about how well my drawings would integrate with the photos I live traced.
Sorry it took so long for me to update again. I just got introduced to Comic Life and I've spent the past week playing with it ^_^. Very fun! I've got some things to fix in the comic and I need to do the layouts for the rest of the first part of this "Month" Hope you enjoy!
Sort of a test page for the style I'll be using.....The whole comic is gonna be done in a mix of Illustrator/Photoshop/Comic Life/Manga Studio [sigh]
@ Mortisia13: Yeah! Here's another one too :) Hopefully this will work out better and I'll have more updates.

@ Superficial_Fox: LOL yeah sorry for faking it :/ I think burning all of that incense might have left a black spot on your ceiling.
Thanks for the comments!
Lol, jk. Sorry for the lack of's been a mess again. SOOOO you guy's will be happy to know that I've decided to upload a page whenever the hell I get one done....which is better than the "scheduled" updates because I don't leave it to the last minute and will actually upload more. :)

And thanks to those of you who've commented! To those who haven't....please do! We'd love to hear what you think!! :D