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Dancing With The Devil
Alright, I'm a girl, obviously, and my hobbies are reading, writing, drawing (Not that you'll be seeing any of my drawings 8D), sports, and music. I am an aspiring author and working on my first novel. ^_^ It's a long process but it is getting there. As for sports I play soccer, sailing, and football. Reading, heh, my FAVORITE yaoi comic is Them Dudes, but actual reading would be the Demonata Series, Harry Potter, and a few others. I watch T.V occasionally, and when I do it's usually Adult Swim and Comedy Central. Alright, for all you yaoi lovers, go look up the show Queer as Folk, it's a show with REAL hot guys doing the nasty and having fun and getting their hearts broken. x3 South Park and Family Guy are among my favorite T.V shows, and as for anime, I'd have to say Code Geass, it's technically just nudity with a very good plot. :D Anyway, that's a bit about me... yay! <3
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XD What was what face Tommy?!
-^- I want Persian to do naughty naughty things to Meowth already

Great work as usual~
I hope you get better! ^_^
As always you've done a wonderful job. I love the way this gets so deep in Hotaru's head, it really explains a lot to how he thinks and why he feels what he does. The way you used the facial expressions also made it really clear.

Fan girl comment:


;^; Please, ma'am, may I have s'more?
Bend over and let him take you already! D<
I LOVE YOU!!! >w< FINALLY a yaoi comic where the characters actually DEVELOP their relationship! :D Great work/art! I love the style, the coloring, the chibis, and.... >w> Jack~
Voltorb is full of win! >:D
WE <3 YOU!
It's okay, we love you! :D We'll all be here waiting, so take thine time! :)
HOTARU I <3 you!!

His emotions are really getting deep now, it's always been a good comic but I like how you're giving it some more depth behind their relationship. :3 Draw more so I can drool!!

REJECTION! XD Oh how I love these two so.
-glee- Smut. :D As always, your art is amazing.
Eli~ Kawaii!!! :3

He's so cute!!


I'm going to surprise smex you in an alley.

This is a fact.
There. Hotaru has redeemed himself to me. ^_^

Eli will get there, and I think Hotaru does love him... in his own weird way.
Hotaru D=< Jerk! I get it, understand his reason and agree, but he could be more gentle about it! Ah well, if he wasnt a complete a-hole I wouldnt love him. ^^

Eli... *huggles* He needs the love right now. His character has grown on me. :3
Well, they're obviously fine because the first comic was set into the future... but still... Hotaru!! Jeerrrkk!!

I still want to have your babies though~
Can I please have your psy??? I want him. >3
*glee* You're back!!!! :D As always, your loyal fans are here.
*glee* As always your art makes me happy inside, whether they're having sex or smoking out of a bong. :3
Hotaru+Eli= MAN SMUT GALORE!!!!

As usual amazing, you're doing awesome. The picture with Eli sitting there is wonderfully drawn and detailed. I appreciate the comic beyond the sex because in all honesty, you truly are an amazing artist. Keep up the good work!


And the sex scenes! :3

I see nothing wrong with your man smut. :D Everything looks amazing.