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oh wow. how has she managed to live this long without her dear "kitten face".
wow. i forgot that kendra sees this almost every day. but its still funny how she acts all bored in the 1st panel
oh. wow. i thought girl fights were bad, but this... i love this comic
WHY! why did you open your eyes!
YAY! it gets to live

luv the sound effects though!

Ven, you really gotta think this through.
all the way
Your art rocks compared to mine!
the only time i remember being offended by someone is when i drew the best cat i had EVER drawn, and i showed it to someone and they said "hey, nice monkey!"

i never looked at it the same way again

lopunnys ROCK!!!
everything i draw looks the same with different eyes, mouths, or hair. it takes time for people to develop skills.

im just now starting to get the hang of arms and legs, let alone heads.
oh i was all sniffeling in front of my cat, then al she hears is me laughing REALLY loud. she just stared up at me and mewed in confussion
ive been wondering the same thing
gik, fire has an BIG advantage over ice. now move before you get your butt kicked.

now rk walks up from behind them while eating pie, and says-what did you do to my mom!-....
wait- so gfk and gik are bothers, and whos the older one?
why did it havta end! its better than every other kirby comic with plot!!!!TT~TT

p.s. i have read this 5 times-and still good
fire kirby need to burn sum one...
(hugs) too cute!!!!
the only thing more hurtful than losing seemingly the ONLY friend (thats human that you like) having to die is all that i said before AND seeing his body...on...sumone...else? someone else that looks almost like him......?
(it takes me a while. yea. im that slow -_____-)
what program do u use for your comics, and where can i get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!