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I'm small, hyper, blond, blue eyed, cute and crazy...what more can you want
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He's not dead. He's on hiatus.
yeah Shard, he tried to kill young Dark Link...he's cute to die.
*turns off the recording of One Winged Angel*
No idea little dark link...don't know where that came from.
being immature would have been me throwing a slew of swears at you and stooping to your level of intelligence. How about YOU grow up first.

I never make deals with children.
Jesus Lizard's comment deleted for lack of anything constructive to say. "Oh boy, more cliche's" Is not a constructive piece of critique.
so it was made to be retarded?
And the art and supposed story still seem to be very bad.
In other words, you spelled it wrong.
Art is still bad, writing is horrible. Over all I would give the entirety of this comic, though it has been a long time since an update has been made, a .5 out of 5.
It's racism. spell it right.
The art on this comic sucks.
The comic is badly drawn, and you misspelled Douche.
For Jesus Lizard and any other jerks that read this comic.
Says the person that has the mentality of an adhd riddled nine year old.

When I first read your profile I found it hard to believe you were 17. But then I remembered the kids I see on a daily basis at work and I remembered stupidity of your kind is not so rare as I would like.

How many times have I told you, Jesus Lizard. If you want to critique the comic, do it constructively.

You're previous "critiques" have been more like a person with low intelligence levels trying to be a smart ass.

Either behave, or get your dickery out of this comic. I will personally go back and delete every single one of your posts and any more that you make from this point on if your attitude does not improve.

That goes for anyone else. Examples being Godmoderandcommander and eat me death.

I'm tired of reading these retarded bull shit comments. I'm in bitch mode now.
*que sephiroth theme music, fan girls squeeing, and fanboys threatening to unman Shin*

Remember kids, Shin has a plan.

If you forget, I'll whack remembrance back into you.

Also, Jesus Lizard, remember my warning, keep the 'critique' constructive.
For the fun of it!
*Shoots all three above posters*

That's for shooting without permission. And Jesus Lizard, if it's disappointing, you should state why, not just say it's disappointing.

*invokes assisstant to author powers to not get shot*
Fangirl moment ahoy!
VAATI!!!!!!! *Squees and glomps*
Of course your assassin's failed. Shin has me as his body guard.
Told you to not jump to a conclusion that Shin was being cliche. :p
We just enjoy making funnies indeed.