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Thank you for all the kind comments and words. I'm glad to see that there were people who stuck around since the beginning and kept reading despite the hiatuses etc. T_T
this comic has already ended. please access from the archives to read from the beginning. thank you for all the support throughout the years. please find me on tumblr:

for future news and comic projects. you can buy books at

i'm also saicoink on twitter and instagram. thank you! please keep in touch!
@Akunen Thank you for your comment. One of the things missing from the comic is how Vivien is dealing with all of this as well. They are both facing some hard times and changes. :-(
Tomorrow begins a new chapter! And it is also... the last chapter...
I remember this page being so difficult to draw. I left the panel with Oscar at the window until the very last moment when the book was already all done.
@Xcubed - Thank you. I had a lot of fun drawing them too. :-)
@vicy Thank you! I enjoy drawing animals like birds and fishes a lot. I want to draw more of them... <3
@hhella Thank you for taking the time to write such a lovely comment. TT_TT Oh, I didn't think about Spirited Away at all! I was actually inspired by a short story called Night on the Galactic Railroad by Miyazawa Kenji.

I guess it's true that the comic is not very well-known, but I treasure all the readers who happen to come across this little comic. Thank you for such high praise... I'm not deserving! m(_ _)m
I am really proud of how this page came out. But it's kind of stressful point of the story right now. <_>
@part-time-cannibal TT_TT

@Akunen T_T Yeah, Oscar really cares after all. He always has.
@vicy - Thank you. Jirou and his mom are the best! XD
The character in the first two panels has a bit of a Tezuka influence....
It's true - Jirou has a beat-up copy of Oscar's poster from when Vivien was helping him campaign for student council president. Oscar honestly didn't want to have anything to do with it so in all the photos he is frowning... a lot...

Everything Jirou owns is a little beat up and worn. His notebooks and other possessions are bent and covered in pencil marks and dirt.
Maybe it's kind of hard to tell since this is being read on the web, but for this chapter the final drawings were done in pencil for a more dreamy/otherworldly effect.

Also Jirou's cat is the best. LOL
@HUSHtheNOISE : Aw, thank you for keeping up with the comic after all these years. T_T Yeah, it is sad it has to end, but, well, I hope you will enjoy the pages leading up to the very last!!!
Jirou's mom used to be part of a biker girl gang... back in the day. I think his dad was a delinquent too. Hee hee. Maybe someday I will draw her story...??
Jirou knows Oscar has a sweet tooth and really wanted to go together with Oscar to eat nice cakes and have tea...
Poor Ed working a poorly paid food service job and having to deal with his horrible friends! ha ha