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I am no longer updating comics. Feel free to continue looking through them but there will be no more updates.
hey guys, to the readers that have been with me since the beginning and to new comers i wanna that you for your support. Unfortunately im going to have to take a little break, i just got some new software so i need to get used to that and things are also going down in my personal life as well as at uni. i will do my best to get started again after the dust settles so please stay with me and ill try to put up some extra art in the meantime. i hope to be back soon :3
Hey guys ^^ sorry this is really late but its been really hectic with all my uni assignments and then moving back home! but to make up i'll post a christmas special on sunday and then do a double update, forgiven? :)
@Manga-Ka: Sure, not sure how to do it but sounds great ^_^

@Manga-Ka: Ok, I'll start working on it then ^^ I'll post it on my DA that you can find on my profile ^^
Poor Skylar ^^
Ch1 end!
Hello! Hope you enjoyed the first chapter, the second will be with you in a fortnight!

Also this comic is now on comic rank [hence the button on the top left hand corner] please feel free to go and rate my comic ^^
Hello fello Digimon lovers! i would just like to let you know about the new gallery page i put up! I also have a new art program on my computer so the next chapter should look awesome! TTFN!
Hopmon was sat on her chest, when she sat up he fell off, hitting the ground. The plaster is mainly just for effect ^^
Hey guys sorry about the long pause but i kinda got writers block or artists block or something so when i get past that ill start updating TBW again ^^
thats what i was going for ^^
The background for this image has been borrowed, for the original click the link:
Sorry about the long wait, so here is the full pack. See if you can guess who is who! ^^ Cookies to those who guess the characters who only appeared a couple of times in the first chapter! [btw they all have yellow eyes! why not go to the next page where they are all in chibi for your pleasure?!]
No, I havn't forgotten about this comic and yes i am going to post a couple more pages up soon and try to get the chapter finished, so look out for that! also, don't forget about the character comp, the closing date is now the 1st of December [confermed] and I will anounce the winner on christmas day! Remeber i'm not going to post the entrys until i have a winner so there is more to look forwards to! I'm looking forward to seeing them and hope that you all take part! TTFN!
I havn't got an official deadline but if you have the designs done for December then it gives you time to do it and me a chance to pick my fav! ^^
1st comment! yays

hehe, love the last panel!
new background
yet another stock background from deviantart! eg072
i used a stock background from deviantart for the new cover^^ hope you like it.
Thanks to ellenmagi for my first FanArt for ToBeWild! As a reward I will upload a fanart of my own and releas it with the next update^^ if anyone else wants to do a fanart you are welcome to and i would love to see it ^^
Yes! that would be brilliant ^^
Hey guys ^^ as you have guess its friday and I have updated. Well I have decided to increase the update rate to three time a week! Mon/Wed/Fri I hope you enjoy!
thank you both ^^ i apreciate it.