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thank you :) really do appreciate that!!
you should go to, I update more often in my personal site :)
Christmas time, a season to gather with your family and loved ones...
but I'm not with them at the moment. My parents are not christian, yet all three of us do profess a faith in Christ.
But still, we do celebrate christmas, at least a small christmas tree always decorates a corner of our small house around this time of the year.
I don't know...
to be honest, I don't find that much of merriness in Christmas anymore. I mean we celebrate things, we had fun, we had joy, but in the end what's left?
I'm not with my family at the moment, but in replacement, I got the fellowship of my church friends during this christmas, yes we have that merriness in our fellowship, discovering new friendship, knowing each other more...
but again...what's left in the end?
what's so merry about Christmas?

Have we actually forgotten the one and most important thing?
Let's trace it back,
Christmas, the Christ's Mass the festival of Christ...
The celebration of the birth of Jesus the Christ,
...but still I can't connect this two thing

the humble birth of Jesus --------------and-----------festive dinner of Christmas (not to mention Santa Claus)

...hmm yea
I guess I lost the meaning of Christmas,
honestly I have been trying to figure it out since last month, and have been so eagerly to share that meaning,
but alas, I'm still at lost...

kindly tell me if you have an idea.
why do you take Christ out of Christmas?
why do you make it Xmas instead for Christmas?
If so, then christian should be X-ian
and anyone called Christopher should be called X-opher...
a Christmas without a what?
ah...same here, it's easy to forget about it when life is all good
or when we're trapped in daily routine,
all the best tho, :)
God bless you :)
our christian faith doesn't really support burnt offering as sin's substitution
since we believe that Jesus' sacrifice has already paid our sin.
but yeaa, to wrap the semester up,
I wish I could do this burnt (assignments) offering since it's done! done! done!
Well, I'm glad it's finished, although I know I did messed up on some subjects (oh 3D!)
procrastination still plays it's big part on finishing those assignments, and the skill "let's just do it the night before the deadline" also was there to make my student life all the merrier.
soo...I guess I have to return this to God, who allowed me to finish this semester well :)
or also known as procrastination activity, stress reliever (which actually adds more) when doing assignments, place to comments randomly, time waster, or anything you could name that relates with having nothing else better to do, or having something that has to be done, but you just want to delay it, and do something else.

Manual book available in all language.

Best product for office worker and students who stares 24 hour at monitor or expensive cellphones
Matthew 6: 5-6 "And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites. For they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and at the street corners, that they may be seen by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. But when you pray,go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you."

Learned a lot about prayer :D
Thanks to bible study today,
reminded that prayer is such a privilege given by God
when you can call out to God, ask for our necessity, tell our problem, and ask for His mercy, simply a good way of communication between one so mighty with us so small.
But I do neglect prayer most of the time I guess, taking it for granted, I often forget when is the last time I have a good conversation with God in prayer...
and I almost forget what is the true motivation in prayer.
Matthew 6 is indeed a good start for prayer reminder.
When I was children, I read Grimm Brothers' tale, about a poor shoemaker that's getting help from elves. At night when he is fast asleep, the elves would be out to help him making the best shoes in the town...but...

I would get fail if i trust them.
If only I could have a time machine then
grab my future me to do my assignments...
thanks Amante, yea, you're absolutely right, if I made it as a happy ending then the story would have lost it's point :)
ah, and blue-senoire, thanks for giving critique all the time :)
i appreciate it, i reckon you will be disappointed with the ending, hope you will excuse me. thank you :)
Hi there guys, thanks for reading the human trafficking story, but sadly i have to say that this was the ending, i know it seems like prematurely ended, but it was meant as 14 pages comic only,
well...and in reality, people's life who got trafficked pretty much ended when they got trafficked, i guess that's what i want to tell people,
human trafficking does exist, though we know it or not, and we as ignorant society only let it expands...
we think that prostitution, porn film, cheap labour doesn't harm anyone at all,
but many of those who are inside that field are actually a victim from human trafficking.
ah, Kitsumiti, thank you :)
my bad!
there i uploaded it.
try it! i think it's fun!

or not, if it wants different thing from what you want!

oh you evil me!
...hi guys,
thanks for reading this up to now
haha...oh well, if you have been visiting me on my deviantart then you probably already know this, so yea, I'm still drunk in love with "Q" at the moment, and I do really wish I could express my love to her more and more, and not just in a comic...but still...
phew, I do have some work to do as well
and it is not making comic...
so sadly, yeah, I guess I have to put a hiatus on the comic for a while
if I do happen to have more time,
maybe I will continue them...
as my feeling for her has not died down yet...
thanks for reading
thanks for commenting
hope my story did entertain you guys
God bless you :)
bad keyboard!
bad keyboard!
yea i have to admit that i make lots of typo
aww...she is a good sister actually :)

no it does not work!'re right, i am a big fan of johnsu myself, i will be a poposu one day
but actually i was doing that according to Don Rosa's storytelling
which always have secondary story behind :) are mentioning my real name!!!
sshhh :)
how do you know that?

ah..the teacher really do exist, he is eccentric but kind :)