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i like to play roblox at runescape and i like to read pokemon comics here but i like to play HALO combat evolved,nvm the combat evolve,I play HALO REACH now
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    patrick bontorno
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i got a bad feeling about this.(that or its the beans I ate)
ok that was random.but funny at the
electric beats Fire
well in the Megaman zero games electric beats fire.(i still cant figure out how.)
HAHAHAHA! OMG thats Funny
bow chika bow wow.he hehehe, maybe he has yuri comic under the bed,may have some kind of hentai like shadow said, or he just wants to hve his happy time.LOL
happy new years
happy new years to everyone and good luck
hey if i was the kid i would be wondering to on whats going on.
MR.Zoet: i think your right sir.
to author:this comics is getting good kee up the good work.
for some reason a chingling wants me to sing jingle bells and want one to jingle.
ME: I found the ticking noise its a bomb.
Random person:YAY
i choose the 1st one. Its like an adventure staring again.but, then again the 3rd one is funny.... you know what i choose the 3rd one.
ok so far so good.keep up the good work fellas
ok what game is this now?I got Dawn OF War II chaos this the oppisite one?
this will get intresting hope he gets a bat