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LOL This page is golden perfection in so many ways... thank you *hugs*
Oooh hoo hoo....shots fired
I love love love your art style! And as for the characters, their interactions are wonderful!
Now I wanna know the song....
Awwww Dylan you're toooooo cute *hugs them both*
Shirtless Joa for the win!
August 2nd, 2018
@Spasiba: Me too!!! ^_^
August 2nd, 2018
So cute!!!

August 2nd, 2018
I wonder what the full reason is behind him feeling like he has to hide the fact that he's tied?
@Futura: I am feeling the same way. Like she's either dying or going to kill herself ... something horrible is right on the edge of the horizon.
@portisHeart: I had the same thought when I saw him there lol
Love your art style!
That huge adorable grin on little Kimrick's face ^_^ *SQUEEEEEEEE*
I want a ten page update like now!! LOL
Kylee's face is priceless!! Can't wait for the next update ^_^
@Wolf: Or maybe some sort of Fairy like creature... I can't wait to find out!
The suspense is killing me!
@MK_Wizard: That is horrible but its way more common than people think especially in abusive households :(