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@MK_Wizard: That is horrible but its way more common than people think especially in abusive households :(
I'm so excited to see an update! YAY!!!
The Christo seen here is sooooo many miles away from the current Christo. Wow
I'd love to see the letter...
@Shimmering Shine: My thoughts exactly!
When properly motivated it seems that Sooch is a problem solver lol
@Wall_Spider: Me too!
I didn't see this as Christo trying to make himself blameless as much as he was not tolerating her making him the ONLY "bad guy" in a disaster of both of their making. She blatantly said "YOU ruined my life" when in fact she played a huge hand in that fallout herself but wasn't taking ownership of that. Sure it's a very human thing to do when upset but that doesn't make it truthful or "right"

That being said she was the one in a committed relationship so if I had to give someone the lion's share of the bad juju to one of them it would be Melanie but that is just my humble opinion. She is not in some 3rd world country where women have no rights... if she wanted to be free and single all she had to do was break up with Andy like Lauren did with Sam or Peter did with Kara. She didn't have to keep playing "the good little girlfriend" It probably would have hurt Andy less if she had just broken up with him after the infidelity so he wouldn't feel as if he's been played for a fool and lied to for weeks.

Christo may have let it slip but it was far from intentional. It wasn't something he did maliciously to hurt her or Andy. That is the thing about lies or deceptions of any nature or sort...the nuances are hard to recall and keep straight.

Love @Gibson Twist comment about none of them being righteous or demons... that is very true. They are human, thus flawed, like all of us.
April 28th, 2018
Love the perspective of that last panel
@WingFreak: LOL even though I think it's too soon (from an emotional and Kylee's bum standpoint) for another romp for them I wouldn't be opposed *heh heh*
@Morgan: Agreed
So much love for how this turned out LOL.

Can't wait for more!
I must admit I didn't see this coming... 3 of them look possibly dead.

I can only guess that our handsome blue haired escort will keep ole dude from shooting Red.
@Gibson Twist: Thank you Mr. Twist. ^_^
@woolysox123: I know and his expression is soooo cute
As well they should lol
@Gibson Twist: Seems like you are friends with this author Mr. Twist. Do you have any idea if they are doing okay? I worry when people disappear.
Re-reading this yet again. I hope you are doing well out there in the world.