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Hello, my name's Jessica, and I'm a trained animator that's just finished college. I don't know how things will work out for me from here, but I'll do my best to chronicle it in my journal comic!
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Got any recommendations? I love journal comics but struggle to find the new, interesting ones.
Been there, took me months to figure out how to lose weight because there's so much misinformation out there. The app MyFitnessPal was a lifesaver. Down 20 lbs and counting.
Kudos for eating better and not gaining!
Welcome back!
Ah, wedding dress shopping. I remember some of the dresses had more material than my bed and all the curtains in my house. And cost as much as a year's worth of rent. :/
This is why I had to quit Reddit despite its good points. Just too many angry bitter people yelling at each other and spend enough time there you become bitter and angry yourself.
Yeah, unhappy people will leave like 90% of the reviews. One of my favourite restaurants had some pretty awful reviews I never understood. I'd say if you find a good looking apartment and you like the area you can disregard a lot of the reviews since you can't know what the person's situation was, like maybe the tenant was the asshole, not management.
Unless they warn of bedbugs. Those little bastards are NEVER worth the risk.
@Falconer: Happy, happy, happy DEATH!
I think I know that show
I got this sometimes with friends when I'd show them my writing.
"I don't get it."
"I don't understand."
Is it me or them? Still not sure.
Haha yeah, I was briefly high on the victory that I "got" him, then I found myself kinda turned off by him when I discovered talking to him was dull and awkward, and that he kissed like a soggy hotdog bun. I eventually dumped him over instant messaging. Might have been able to handle that all better... Meh, high school stuff. 'tis a learning experience.
I don't consider myself a smart person, but my parents did at least bless me with the knowledge of handling personal finances, so when I see my old peers doing dumb stuff like this over and over again, I just wanna smack them with a financial self help book.
All together between food, supplies, dog school, vet bills, and many other surprise doggie costs, this dog cost her thousands that she didn't have. Not saying never get a dog, just be sure you have the budget for the little tyke.
This is the exact same story with my old high school boyfriend. Like, EXACT.
I'm trying to make friends at my new job, telling a girl she's in denial about her boyfriend's drinking problem is probably not the best way to start.
@Such and Such: Thanks! Like your comic, btw. Got a lot of talent for 15. I didn't even start getting serious about art until I was almost 20!
Granted, about half my class had jobs before we had even graduated. And a quarter of those didn't even finish school. Animation really doesn't give a rat's ass about grades. It's all about how well you can do your job.
Hey, I created this comic both for entertainment and an incentive to keep drawing and learn to draw faster, as I'm a suuuper slow drawer, which isn't good as I'm an animator, haha!
May 20th, 2013
@keiiii: Actually no, just re-discovered you today. I'll be honest I thought you'd abandoned the comic, heaven knows I'd been burned by webcomics before, so I stopped checking it. Glad to know I was wrong, I've got some catching up to do!
May 20th, 2013
Oh, wow! I read this comic years ago! So glad you came back, it was one of my favorite comics and I really wanted to see how this ends.
Oh wow, your comic's updating again! I'm so glad, this was one of my favorite webcomics!
Man, I remember going through crap like this. I always loved writing but I didn't get anything useful out of English classes until I hit college. I was convinced teachers just made up all that symbolism crap.
(P.S. This comic is awesome!)