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my name is airiel.
im 19.
i used to love drawing, and currently am
trying to get back into the swing of things.
forgive my rusty self as i hop back into a hobby
i ditched for two years give or take
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took my time on this one....trying to work on panels.
and for the record im using SAI. D;
urhm, still figuring stuff out by means of the programs im using. im confused by everything and rusty as shit. sorry m( _ _ )m
as a side note, im still trying to figure out how to put text in. after the image has been resized and rendered, the font is too small to read so until i figure out wtf to do, you'll have to bear with my messy tablet-scrawl. haha.
your art is beautiful. what program do you use? D;
The title of this chapter is "I will never forget." [ zettai wasurenai ]
Kind of changed my style...I'm hoping for a neater more professional look. If the characters go through some changes in the next few pages/next chapter, I apologise. n3n ;
January 11th, 2011
That chick looks like ganadorf lol.
ohlala c:
oh my god. new favorite oAo . you put my comic TO SHAMEEE. XDDDD I love your style, so cute. super jealous x3
been kinda busy with work. ^_^;

here is a little..uhm...fanservice?
something like this may or may not happen..
later on in the series....

sorry to keep you waiting! n3n ;
* SFX : shiiinnnnn. (silence)
Kinda lazy with this page... i could have drawn them both better XD I donno when Il get another update in though and I've been itching to draw a new page so forgive me! m(_ _)m

i like little comics like these, they're adorable. and your style is too! n3n
Okayyy...sooo. Sorry this update took so long. n_n; What she is saying at the end of the strip is "I am Takahiro Asako. Please take care of me from now on."

(However, in Japanese she referred to herself with "ore", the boys way of saying "I" instead of "watashi" which is female.)
The reason she decided to put herself in the middle of an all-boys school after what happened is because she's lost trust of men, and reasons that if they think she IS one, they'll have no interest in her whatsoever. It's more so she is insecure with her femininity and the fragility that comes along with it. Hope that clears up a little confusion... there will be more on this throughout the first few chapters. n__n;
Holllyyy shit haha.
I totally didn't mean to just abandon this comic. x.x;
stuff happened irl, though and I didnt have ANY TIME WHATSOEVER to get on a computer... sorry wow. I feel foolish even updating. >.< ;;;;
i love love love love love love this comic!!! your art and story is so....addicting. x3

i have a question though.. do you ink and scan, and then edit? or do you do your work on the computer? the lines are so clean i can't tell.
yay. new character !
I know the pictures have kind of sucked, since its mostly been dialogue right now... but dont worry! The boring stuff is almost over. >3<
my scenery skills are amazing