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For all intents and purposes, my name is Silver Wiks. Obviously when I had just come fresh out of the oven, my mom did not say 'Oh we shall name this baby Silver Wiks'. NO. That would be rather strange. But as far as YOU know... I'm Silver Wiks until I have reason to tell you otherwise ^_^

I like writing poems and making up short stories... But my webcomic, shared with my artist, Lumina, Halfway There, is my first attempt at making a long and detailed story, so I hope it goes well. ^_^

I also like computers and video games, in that way I'm a bit of a geek. ^^;; I enjoy website design, though I don't think I'm very good at it. I have designed Halfway There's website as well as EmoKid's. I also like messing around on Adobe Photoshop, which I use to make the background pages of those comics ^_^

That's all I can think of for now. ^__^
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Hehe, thank you cdranger! And by all means, go ahead and draw up a guest comic! Just send it to my email, you know what it is! :)
Definitely an overdue comic, but there's one more that will follow up soon. I'm the one uploading the comic this time because Lumina is having some computer problems. Sorry for the delayed updates! T__T;;; Guest pages, anyone? :D
Ahh, and yet alone this wise is not in her opinion! xD

I used to have a cat named Yoda cuz her ears curved down like his as a kitten xD
Actually, we came to the conclusion that it was ok if she redid pages so that we could keep the possibility of printing the finished story open, since that would require quality pages. However, we will of course keep the past pages up under another link so that people can see the progression and compare for themselves. But so that we can focus on the story at hand, we'll leave the redoing of pages for later on. :)
Hahah!! I absolutely love Archie <3 :D
New Style~
I quite like the new style, very subtle changes, but still great nonetheless! :D

And I'd like to get the opinion of the people on that whole "redoing all those pages"... What does everyone else think? Should she redo the pages or just keep them and continue with the story? Personally I think they should be kept because it shows a very interesting change and 'evolution' of art style, and we all love the style anyway! Post an opinion? :D
I love this comic!! And this particular page is adorable.. I can't quite decide if I prefer them together or not though :P
Ooooh... I see what you did here Lumina! Great idea... a nice little.. shall I say, peek into the future? heehee ^_^~
Yess! We finally have our artist back, and a grateful welcome back that is. I hope you feel better after all that sickness Lumina =)
Vacation iz here!
I am now on summer vacation, and now I'm on the same side of the world as Lumina is hehe ^_^

I find Dakota so cute in the 2nd panel ^_^ I also find myself constantly reminded of the comic because there's this nearby street called 'Dakota Avenue' which I think is pretty cool xD

Oooh sooo mysterious~ Hehe, seriously, I think you guys will really like the story once you can see more of the actual storyline ^_^
Help needed? ^_^
You need linking help? ^_^

The linking of comic to comic is due to an automatic html bit hosted by SmackJeeves. If you're trying to make the links on another host then you'd have to do a whole lot of other coding that I don't understand, sorry T_T

Buuuut if you're just working with SmackJeeves then you can edit the linking of the comics from the webpage found in "Webcomic Management->Appearance-> Comic" and these are the linking essentials:
{NAV_FIRST} URL to the first comic
{NAV_PREV} URL to the previous comic
{NAV_NEXT} URL to the next comic
{NAV_LAST} URL to the most recent comic

Also something which just appeared in my mind would be that you're simply asking about how to make a link in general, which means everything else I just wrote is unneccesary... Lol *tear* In this case, here is the coding you'd need to put:

I hope this helps you, feel free to ask if you have any other questions =)
Awesome effects there in the last panel, cool thundering stuff behind them xD

I may try my hand at making some sort of filler page, but I'm not really sure because my exam week is coming up too, so the pressure is on in my classes. How ironic, since I am using valuable class time to make this comment. Oh well ^____^;;
This iz soooo cute!!! And I love the chibiiiiz!! xD
Hey Django! Glad you like it with no hard feelings ^__^
This page is so cool! SUGOI xD (awesome in Japanese)

Hehe... our comic irregularity, iz kay ^__^
Hehe, I thought this was a fitting title to introduce the complicated relationship between Dakota and Dallas. After all, opposites attract, right? ^___^
Whee this is such a good-looking page! Great job Lumina ^_^
hehe ^^;;
Hehe, I can tell by your display picture xDD