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Eternalstorm Blade
Now also reachable by Skype for Voice chats

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Xbox Live ID : MythicRescue X
Skype: Rescue_X

Comic Hiatus list
Zeta soul: Hiatus and reboot to fix flaws
RAF tournament Hiatus

Done Projects
BANG Collection (stopped permnently) three Volumes Hit me up with questions for my characters to anwser so yeah feel free to do so when you want.
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    Tobias a.k.a Rockstorm
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Ultimate don't you have enough comics to work already?

I'm sorta tempted to pick it up but I have something else down the pipeline that I want to get going first and get into the groove.
Seems like Makoto is quickly learning that Finale is A speedster at this rate, well at least when it comes to food
MY GOOD SIR, I REQUIRE THE ZWEIHANDER for the Legend never dies
I'm really liking how you are handling the concept of The Station 01 so far and the characterization of Makoto is wonderfull.

>Tirion & Carth be Grumpsters
Well that is going into the canon of the station
As for the Title.
Probably never at this rate, funnily enough Brickshelf is back up but Majhost isn't, so it might be a good idea to make a Imgur account.

As for the sprites they are actually pretty good, nice to see you are somewhat active again
I-is that a GTO/Great Teacher Onizuka Reference I spot there?
Had a grand page design but then I remembered Right I don't have a defined looked for that class anyhow We are still gonna be progressing forward and who knows what might be around the corner.
And so we move on, the next few pages will be in a different format then the one you currently see.
I think I'm enjoying this a bit too much with some of these commands aw well the show must go on.
SO I ended up taking bits and pieces from each input and mixing them together to form our Protaganist here.

Anyhow as for a schdule for updates I'm looking at a page each 5th or 6th day so from whenever a page rolls out you will have a 5 to 6 days countdown to input a command from there if there is no input I will make a page pushing the story forward.

Also I will be looking into changing up the template and such for this comic as we go.

The Countdown is only for when I feel there should be a lot of commands to work through in the possible scenario otherwise I will be making once I feel that there is enough to proceed.

Might just change the background of the Input boxes to something a bit more normal, depends on how you guys like the current ones
You will have to excuse the lazy nature of this page as I'm working on a few things that will be integral to this thing so It may take some time inbetween updates but I will be as fast as possible.
Name: Samantha "Sam" Ritona
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Specie: Wolf
Colouration: Brown
Shirt: White
Pants: Blue
Gloves/Shoes: No gloves/ Black and White Shoes
Accessories: Googles
Other Details: Proffesional Thief, who has strange shadow releated markings on both her arms however you tend to pass them off as tattoos just to avoid people being nosy.
To be fair Sunmon is awesome
That last panel face on Tobias is glorious it's like it's a hybrid of I don't get paid enough for this shit and Why must this be happening to me.
Well that could have ended way worse with all things considered
Maybe they are feeling the Blue Disease more?
Yep, clearly a good leader at work here folks
Well at least he's not vaporizing a area with attacks
Nice use of the poses man also keep up with the good work with the character's personality
Oh quit your complaining Verse it could be a whole lot worse