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Well, I enjoy drawing, cello and reading comics! Don't really know what to say....I made this account cause my friend kaiyaweird is encouraging me to start my own comic....SOOO this is the first step! We shall see what happens?
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I really like Adell in the little bubble. She looks really cute!
I can't believe you stuck sully in there and not me right next to him! meanie
Funky Fingers
I kinda thought that her funky finger was the other hand. Since she has it up by her opposite shoulder in the previous sorta seems like she just left it there while asking??

OH goodness. Ninja drama time???!
April 12th, 2009
Well, so far......
I'm really, really confused. ^_^;

But I guess that's cause of there only being a few pages? I'm gonna stick around and see how this goes. :)
oh MAN!
Your art is aMAAAzing! This story seems preeety cool so far also! Can't wait for the next page! :)