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I like a lot of comics on here. A LOT.
And I would love if people liked my comics too.

But I'm pretty sure that will never happen. Haha.
Last comic for the school paper so...
I think I might make this comic into one of those Daily Life things now.
I'm so excited. I will journal-ate through pictures.
I'm wiggling with joy :'D
Sorry, I'm so lazy...
Anyway, pro-prologue is finally done, let's celebrate!
Now on to...
Please, shoot me. I have made the script so boring.
I wish I could do dynamic comics. Maybe this would have made a better book?
That was basically me at that age too :/

And no worries, take your time!
Glad to see a new page :'D
And that scanner sounds amazing.

I hope they keep that chicken and give her a pretty name :]
Nice livestock
Why sir, don't feel bad. Where I come from the cows have eight legs and barf rainbows :I

Oh! And at the top it should say 'magnetic North and South POLES', not 'holes'. Makes more sense, and curse my lack of doublechecking work and submitting things with ridiculous typos.
What a charming little crustacean (? or fish? I have a really fuzzy monitor) stuck to the end of his finger there :]
I feel bad for Farmer-man now, though he should really take the time to dry out or something :c
Oh my god
Best comic EVER.
I need to fave it and I will stalk this site forever because I love it :'D
I am a Comment Title
Oh man.
I'm the author and I am commenting in my author comment because I am the author.
Just like Pokemans :D
Okay, not so much like it...

I really need to work on this layout...:/
And the plot thickens...

Also, Arthur is saying 'short', he's refering to Emett, yeah? And here I thought that fellow was on his knees :I
Pfffff ha. Is that guy doodling in his notepad? I did always wonder what they do in there, scratching away...

You are so much better at perspective then me :I

Also, your characters have a lot of, er...'character'. It's refreshing to see complex people :'D
Been a while
I'm lucky this comic really has no fans yet, otherwise they might have been angry at the...8 month break I took :/
I basically realized I hadn't had the beginning very well planned out and wanted some time to fix this. But that break for planning turned into me forgetting about this comic entirely. Well, I have time now, so on with this thing, eh?
Also, I apologize this layout is in progress.
And I know it would have been much easier to just paste in a picture of a paddleboat and filter the hell out of it, but what's the fun in that?
Also, I've never drawn boats/waves before so don't make fun of me. I tried okay? :I
I really love how that tree overlaps in the middle panels :'D
I am so happy for this new page. I've been hovering since...after every time you upload I guess.
And wow, first time to comment. I tend to be a lurker, but I like to send out good vibes from the shadows sometimes :]
But I digress, Everett is amazing and has fantastic people skills. And I adore those donkey fingers~
This is one of my favorite comics and I think I will comment on every page from now on because well...this just deserves it man! :I
I mean really people.
Gonna carry a GIANT ASS stuffed animal around all day?
You might give some people relationship complexes...
Aw, but Fynnnn
I like you just the way you are xD
And that thing with Ollie is funny but understandable, maybe it's because I can relate (people used to poke the back of my head because it was spiky/poofy
I know, that poor poor man.
But really. A-ro makes a habit of reminding people no-one likes her Bob XD
Ah, those windy days...

I don't have much of a care over my image, but hair in the face makes seeing very difficult :c
First comic for my school's paper.
I'm not clever ;-;
Yeah, color c:

Just a bit...