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@rac567: He did follow the application pretty well. Though I didnt notice much of his actual intelligence, though there weren't that many mental challenges. All in all though it was pretty accurate
Eh, it's a shame he left, but hey, he had a good run. Thanks for using him SWSU!
Ah, so the scitzofrenria starts to come in to play. Looks like all his anger is making him lose control of the voices.
@rt555: to be fair, Claus is technically a genius, though this is from book smarts, he has very little people skills (as has been evident)
...Well that was unexpected. Gotta say, still a pretty good move. Though I did kinda like Flay, its a shame our characters were at each other's throats...well, more like Claus was at his throat. But none the less.
Honestly, I'm hoping at least Claus can back these things up. His intelligence is there...only problem is the nonexistent people skills he has.
@rac567 Claus' Creator here...its like Tailsgod said, he is much more book smart then Game Smart.
@kwane: You PM him a character
@JETTEJ: i would love ventious to be in that season just so i can see Baxter and Vent playing together
best comic I have seen so far. I am usually a fan of the villains, but I have to say, great job
Let's go Cherman, you got this!
Question is, did the recorder catch anything while it was playing?
@The_mad_one: She was referring to Roberts lack of hair
Panel 4
My favorite part of this season
Oh shit
Things are about to get intense
And cherman is safe. I hope that he can stay inside his alliance, because he is a pretty cool character right now. Hopefully he can retain that
So...Starr is a lesbian?
Damn I couldn't have been more wrong. Although I don't see Gretchen leaving just yet, seeing as Starr did almost nothing in the challenge. At least Gretchen had the ball, and cherman chased tofuchao
Sorry carbo..I can see prescilla going home on this one just for being "fragile", and just being the weakest link in particular
The latrines...taking the Browns to the Superbowl