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super sonic m
i'm jewish :3
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    hint: its not bob
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This sprite could use less shades due to the small area of it. You also need to spread the brightest shade around more. especially in the feet.
I'd find someone but they'd probably end up being some fat male pedo. :)
Those lazy bikers.
I like three the best.
Well if you used tails head instead of sonics it may give you a better base to use. I'm not saying you have to start over. Just make a different head.
Why would you put a tail on a hedgehog in the first place?
So this is a revamp I made of an older character. It's custom if you coudn't read those words. I also bumped Abodie. Go back if you want to see it.
Bein how this anothe planet, he must havedone sothing pretty bad to get wanted galcticly.
The only change in your idles are the eyes. People usually make a section for just for heads with various emotions. It takes up less space.
Can I use your skin pallete Jade?
The sun guy and the blue haired one are awesome. I just think that Burns tail is a bit to big.
I don't think the tails lightsource matches the rest of the bodys.
Well if Eggman can fit himself in his tiny hover craft, I don't see why all three of them can't fit in there.
If some one is thrusting their pelvis like that their arm would be hanging in the air. Not by right by their side. In other words there should be some space between the arm and the body.
I like v1 better for some reason.